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  • No, but your The Tile Shop store will be happy to refer you to a list of independent Pro Network partners and local trade professionals who can assist you with your tile and stone installation. However, The Tile Shop does not guarantee these installations or the accuracy of any information provided by the installers and accepts no responsibility for the quality or timeliness of the installation or any inaccuracies or omissions in the information provided. In no event may The Tile Shop be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages for any installation or information concerning installation.

  • Depending on the product being installed and the installation area, each project is unique and may require different tools to complete the job. If you have questions please visit your Local Store or contact our Customer Service Representatives at 888-398-6595.

  • Yes, The Tile Shop offers installation products to complete your tile projects including adhesives, grout, caulk, manual tile cutters, tile saws, sealers, and more. Click here to view all of our Pro Grade installation products and tools.

  • Yes, we offer multiple tile installation education tools, including:

    • One-on-one installation guidance from our store associates, no appointment necessary.

    • Various resources such as "how-to" videos, problem solving tools, and planning and installation tips and guides in the "Resources" section of our website.

    • Free in-store educational "How to Tile" workshops every Saturday at 9:30a.m. These are open to the public and will cover the basics of prepping your surfaces, laying out your materials, installing your materials and more. For more information, please contact your local store.

  • Yes, however, product availability may vary by store location.

  • Each tile project is unique and will depend on a few different things: the product being used, the space where the product is being installed, and how much time was spent on prep & layout. The Tile Shop offers assistance through installation guides, how-to videos, and FREE DIY seminars hosted every Saturday in each of our stores. Speak with a Tile Shop representative or our Customer Service team at 888-398-6595 if you have any additional questions.

  • It's recommended to order 10%-15% extra product based upon pattern layout to accommodate for cuts and repairs. Availability and style of tiles are always changing so having an extra box or two on hand is highly recommended.

  • The more complex your pattern becomes, the greater percentage of overage should be considered. We recommend consulting with a Tile Shop representative or your tile installer to determine the accurate amount of material needed for your project.

  • There are multiple considerations when determining your grout joint. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Appearance

    • Maintenance

    • Traffic

    • Finish/Edges

    • Material

    Click here for more detailed information and recommendations about grout joint sizes.

  • The difference between sanded and unsanded grout is silica sand. The sand acts as a filler and adds strength for application in grout joints larger than 1/8 inch. Unsanded grout is for grout joints 1/8 or smaller. The width of your grout joint will determine what grout should be used. Both sanded and unsanded will work in 1/8 grout joints. Suggested grout and finish may be contingent upon material type, such as polished marble, travertine and glass. Please contact our Tile Experts at 888-398-6595 for additional questions.

  • Grout is as much a personal option as selecting your tile. We can make suggestions based on what's commonly used but we strongly suggest that you select the color that is right for you and your design objective. For more advice about your specific project visit your local store or contact our Design Experts at 888-398-6595.

  • After you've confirmed with a Tile Shop representative that you have the correct sealer for your specific project, reference our Sealer How-To guide to learn more about the application process.

  • We have many different cleaners and strippers available in our stores and online, however, since installation methods vary by product and material, we always recommend reaching out to our Tile Experts at 888-398-6595 to discuss specific instructions related to your project. Click here for additional trouble-shooting about sealer.

  • Many variables can affect the time needed for thinset, mastic and floor mix to properly cure. We recommend waiting 24 hours before allowing traffic on any recently installed tile.

  • To view our guide about thermostat programming features, click here. If you have specific questions, please call our Customer Service team at 888-398-6595.

  • Each demolition project is unique. Check with your local city codes before attempting to remove any old surfaces. Additional safety precautions may need to be considered depending on the material. Eye protection and other safety equipment is always advised.

  • As defined by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard A108.02, Section 4.3.7: "Lippage refers to differences in elevation between edges of adjacent tile modules." In other words, there is often a difference in height between tiles that touch one another, which create a warped ridge surface that isn't completely flat.

    There are a few steps tips for installing large format tiles that will help avoid lippage:

    • The Tile Shop offers products and tools, such as the Raimondi System and Leveler, to determine if your subfloor is flat enough to receive tile. If it is not flat, you'll need to replace the subfloor. Replacing the subfloor will vary depending on the material of the floor so we recommend speaking with a Tile Shop Associate in regards to your specific project before moving forward.

    • Create a grout joint that securely holds your tiles in place. It's recommended to have a minimum width of 3/32 inches between adjacent tiles because the closer the edges, the more the lippage will be accentuate by any abrupt changes in plane.

  • The Tile Shop recommends ordering 10-15% extra product in the event that you experience any breakage or need cut pieces during your installation.

  • We have many How-To guides available for your reference: Click here to access our How-To Guides.

Design Services

  • No, these services are free of charge and included in your Tile Shop experience. Learn more about our services here.

  • Our store and online associates are tile professionals who will help you select, design, and order tile and accessories that are tailored to your specific design style. They are prepared to discuss your tiling ideas and offer helpful suggestions about arrangement, materials and maintenance to help you create that dream room from start to finish. Learn more about our services here.

  • For an exceptional experience, we recommend you bring the following:

    • Blue prints

    • Dimensions of the space including the floor and wall

    • Samples of other elements being used (cabinetry, carpet, paint, etc.)

    • Photos of your project space and surrounding areas

    • Any inspiration you have collected

    Learn more about our services here.
  • Yes, each Tile Shop has a list of preferred Pro Network partners and local trade professionals that can serve as a reference to you upon request.

  • Yes, many photos are available for viewing in our Inspiration section or through our customer photo gallery. We often share new photos on our Instagram, Facebook and Houzz pages.

  • Upload or tag your photo with @TheTileShop on Instagram or Twitter to be featured in our gallery. If you have any other questions, please email [email protected]. By uploading your photo, you agree to our terms of service.

  • If you have submitted a photo and do not see it on our website, it is waiting to be approved (or may not have been approved). Check back soon!