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Aqua Tile

The vibrant patterns of a lively stone meet durable porcelain in the Aqua series.

Shower with blue large-format tile.

Color Market Tile

There is a color for every inspiration. A range of polar, landscape and personality-filled shades offer a spark of life in any room.

Full spectrum of colorful subway tile.

Patch Tile

Make a fashionable statement with mix-and-match patterned walls.

Blush pink glass tile with gold speckles.

Star Tile

The vintage appeal of Star lends an authenticity to a design.

Black and white star encaustic floor tile.

Maiolica Tile

Bright, bold and Mediterranean, Maiolica transports you to the sea.

Mediterranean kitchen with blue and white patterned wall tile.

Britannia Tile

Old-world flair and classic patterning are calling.

Brown and Tan Patterned Tile Entryway.

Outline Tile

Explore the geometric and metallic patterns of Outline to design a customized look.

White and gold ceramic diamond pattern wall tile in a contemporary home office.

Harley Lux Tile

A uniquely textured surface and shine make Harley Lux stand out from the crowd.

Contemporary yet feminine assortment of black and white tile.

Artisan Tile

From the canvas to your walls, the Artisan series delivers design that inspires.

Shower wall with orange and grey geometric patterned tile.