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6 Bathroom Trends to Try Now

One question we get asked a lot is what’s new and trending in tile and home design. We encourage everyone to make their project their own instead of focusing so much on what’s popular. Like Kirsty Froelich, Tile Shop design manager, says, “I truly believe that you shouldn’t worry about what’s in fashion because, if you go with what you love, you make the fashion.” (Spoiler: one of our trends is individualizing your space.) But there are always different looks and styles that are in demand. Here, we identify the top six bathroom trends to try now for something a little different.

Colorful cabinets

Neutral is nice, but colorful cabinets add an unmatched wow factor. Painted cabinetry, especially in soothing greens and blues, is perfect for adding pops to a neutral bathroom or bringing out a particular color in your tile. Below, the cobalt-blue paint color of the cabinet makes the same color in the tiles stand out, unifying color the room.

Bathroom with blue vanity cabinet

Featured: Talavera Encaustic. Design by The Divine Living Space. Photography by Spacecrafting.

Remember that using color doesn’t mean it has to be bright or bold. This soft, minty green brings a calming note to an otherwise neutral space.

Pale green bathroom vanity

Featured: Octagon Matte White with Black. Design by Bria Hammel Interiors. Photography by Spacecrafting. Building by SD Custom Homes.

Here’s another example of coordinating tile and cabinet colors. This time, the navy trim piece is the inspiration for the cabinet color.

Framed patterned floral tiles

Featured: Victoria and Albert Morgan Blue Decor, Imperial Bianco Bevel Gloss, Imperial Bianco Barnes, Imperial Bianco Gloss Pencil, Imperial Cobalt Gloss Pencil

The turquoise tone below was pulled from the wood-look tile, making it more prominent.

Moody turquoise cabinet

Featured: Sambu Azul Wood Look. Design by Sublime Homes.

This dusty blue looks like it’s straight from a day spa’s color palette.

Bold Walls

Whether an unexpected color, a dark hue or a lively pattern, a statement wall speaks volumes—and is easier to pull off than you might think. This bold pink-and-black color scheme is lightened by white cabinets and woodwork. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have a little fun, especially in small-scale powder rooms.

Bold takes on a different meaning in this image. Instead of bright, this design is dark and glamorous. The intricate details and luxe gold touches make this room feel opulent from top to bottom.

If this bathroom makes you reconsider both dark walls and oversized florals, you’re not alone. Picking just one wall to cover in a print and coordinating that color with the floor keeps the space chic.

An unexpected color can still create a clean and simple space. Opting for a darker tile mixed with white walls is the best of both worlds.

Bold blue wall tiles

Featured: Dot Indigo and Matte White 1 in Mosaic. Design by Paro Home.

Mixed Metals

Decorating is all about coordinating instead of matching exactly. Gone are the days of using the same finish everywhere in a room. This mix makes spaces look intentionally eclectic and give them more personality. The simple combination of a stainless tile trim, matte black faucet and bronze-look mirror modernizes this farmhouse bathroom below.

The different materials of the lights and faucet are made hardly noticeable because they’re not right next to each other, and they both work with the style of the room.

Neutral bathroom

Featured: Laura Ashley Wicker Dove Grey Matte, Imperial Brite White Matte Subway. Design by I SPY DIY.

A black faucet that coordinates with the light fixture lets the more glamorous mirror become the focus.

Matte Black

A relatively new finish gaining popularity in the industry, the photos below prove the adage that every room needs a touch of black. Below, the matte black fixtures paired with the black recessed shelves lend the perfect amount of contrast.

The lower half of this space is almost entirely outfitted in matte black, but the white walls and access to natural light fully brighten it up. White subway tiles and contrasting black grout coordinate with the matte black and tie the space together all the way up to the ceiling.

Between grey subway tile walls, a wooden vanity and encaustic tile floors, there are a number of different colors and finishes happening here. Matte black accents, finishings and accessories unify with a cohesive feeling.

Grey shower and encaustic floor

Featured: Imperial Oatmeal Gloss, Imperial Oatmeal Gloss Pencil, Imperial Oatmeal Gloss Skirting, Liria Negro Encaustic, Noir Polished Arabesque Travertine Mosaic

Sculptural Elements

These dimensional pieces, whether found in tiles, bathtubs or artwork, are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, like a sculpture. They are often simple and minimal with smooth lines and add an artistic component to a space. Below, this unique bathtub serves this purpose with its clean and sweeping lines.

The light fixtures in the space below are works of art.

Statement bathroom chandelier

Featured: Verona Blanco Polished, Camilla with Mirror Glass and Stone. Design by Russo Residential.

The combed, geometric design on this wall mosaic perfectly exhibits this trend in a soft way.

Combed geometric mosaic

Featured: Bianco Puro Combed Hexagons Honed Mosaic, Bianco Puro Honed Somerset, Dural Chrome-Plated Brass Square Edge, Bianco Puro Honed

These wall tiles are a compelling way to make neutral walls stand out.

Dimensional white wall tiles

Featured: Memphis Bianco Di Elba

Below, this sculptural lighting fixture creates subtle, modern interest.

Bathroom with mix of styles

Featured: Liria Negro Encaustic, Imperial Brite White Matte Subway, Black Hex. Design by Timber Trails Homes. Photography by Stoffer Photography Interiors.

The sweeping movements of this tile take white walls from bland to beautiful.


More and more we see people wanting their spaces to stand out from the crowd and speak to their own individuality. Something simple and neutral might be less intrusive to the next buyers, but will it make you happy for as long as you live in your home? Do what you love (and it just might be what sells the next homeowner). This gorgeous Milas Lilac marble is refreshingly unique and striking.

Stunning purple marble

Featured: Milas Lilac Polished Chevron, Milas Lilac Polished Skirting, Milas Lilac Polished 8 x 20 in, Milas Lilac Polished Hex, Milas Lilac Polished Somerset

Another way to show your colors is to do just that—design with color. There are more options than ever to personalize with a spectrum of color choices.

Expressing your individuality might also come in the form of a unique design made from different shapes and colors of tiles. Many of our collections are made to be mixed and matched into playful configurations.

If glamorous is your style, go all the way. This stunning mosaic sets the tone—elegant and feminine.

We hope you found inspiration in some of the latest bathroom trends. Still searching for ideas? Visit our bathroom tile idea page for more inspiration.

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