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Kitchen Trends for 2019

One of the most exciting aspects of home design is that it’s always changing. Trends will come and go, but decorating is really about self-expression. That’s why we aren’t afraid of “trends”. If a style speaks to you, trend or not, you’ll create something you love. After all, some of the classics today were the trends of yesterday. We’ve identified five kitchen elements we love right now that we believe will also stand the test of time. Combine them with classic pieces to keep the look timeless. Explore how open shelving, modern subway tile, spaces for entertaining, encaustics and colorful cabinetry can refresh your kitchen with our top five kitchen trends for 2019.

1. Open Shelving

Open shelving makes this functional necessity an integral part of your design. Decorate them with objects you use every day or with decorative treasures not normally seen in the kitchen. It’s up to you whether you want a more minimal, coordinated feel or a maximalist and mismatched look. Below, the natural wood of the open shelves add warmth to this white space.

White kitchen with open shelving
Featured: Imperial Bianco Gloss. Design by Alma Homes.

A popular way to use floating shelves is to create mini vignettes with kitchen necessities and pretty decor.

White subway tile and open shelving
Featured: Imperial Bianco Gloss. Design by Studio 912. Photography by Gene Yoon.

Vintage picture frames and pottery can tie the kitchen to the rest of the home and bring character to the walls.

2. Modern Subway Tile

Subway tiles are a classic choice, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. What is trending is rethinking how you use subway tiles. Think of different patterns, colors and materials that breathe new life into this timeless tile. A less-common straight-stack pattern modernizes the tile below.

Green straight-stack subway tile
Featured: Glass Myst. Design by A Life Unfolding.

Placing white subway tile in a less-expected layout, like the herringbone pattern below, is the perfect way to put a personalized spin on your design. Get more subway tile pattern ideas here.

White herringbone subway tile
Featured: Imperial Bianco Gloss. Design by Alma Homes.

Take your subway tile to a new dimension by using 3-D sculptural tiles. The light catches the tiles’ angles and elevates the kitchen below.

White geometric sculptural subway tile
Featured: Arpege Blanc. Design by Lea Frank.

For an extra wow factor, mirrored tiles provide sparkle, shine and elegance.

3. Entertaining

Kitchens of the past were purely functional places to prepare and store food. Now, if you’ve ever thrown a party, you know that people always seem to congregate in the kitchen. These amazing designs make it clear that kitchens have moved beyond simply functional. Treat your kitchen as the entertaining center of the home that it is. What’s more conducive to a party than a kitchen with not one but two islands to congregate around? (We’re just waiting for our invitation to the kitchen below.)

Kitchen with two islands
Featured: Nova Hex Graphite. Design by Elena Glas Home.

Another space with two islands, there’s ample room to congregate, snack and set up a wet bar in the elegant kitchen below.

One large island takes the place of two and, with the addition of expansive countertops, open shelves, glamorous accents and statement lighting, this space is ready for a cocktail party.

Featured: Doree Mosaic and Hampton Carrara Polished

4. Encaustics

Based on traditional, old-world designs, encaustic tiles have been around for years. However, using them in new ways, like this counter-to-ceiling accent wall, keeps the style fresh. Read our blog on creating a wallpaper effect with tile for more ideas like this.

Afraid of going too bold? Muted hues and a small accent area are a great way to dip your toe into pattern and color.

This contemporary design is on the bolder end of the encaustic spectrum.

Black and white geometric encaustic backsplash
Featured: Rouge Hex Encaustic

5. Colorful Cabinets

The popularity of colorful cabinets is likely a reaction to the all-white kitchens that have been ubiquitous in recent years. The below space is bright, despite bold, green cabinetry, because the glossy, white penny round tiles reflect the light.

A mixture of white and turquoise-blue cabinets tie this space together in serene style.

A royal-blue island is a welcome splash of color in between a black floor and white cabinets and tile.

Royal blue kitchen island
Featured: Adoni Black Large Versailles Pattern Slate. Design by The Kingston Group.

Instead of acting as an accent, your cabinet color can be repeated and tie a kitchen together. This blue cabinet color is reflected in the tiled mosaic, presenting a united appearance.

Featured: Blue Twilight Brick Mosaic and Hampton Carrara Polished Chevron

While (and possibly because) trends will always ebb and flow, we say that if you love it, there aren’t any trends to avoid. However, we don’t recommend incorporating too many trendy elements into one space. Combine trendy elements with classics, like white subway tile, to keep the look feeling timeless and current at the same time.

Get more inspiration at our kitchen tile design idea page. Ready to get started? Make a free design appointment today!

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