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Customer Favorites: 10 Backsplashes We Love

Add a unique sparkle that you will love seeing with a tiled backsplash. We adore this simple project that makes a big difference! A great place to start for first-time tilers, the small scale of a backsplash often makes this a more manageable project. May we go so far to say that with a little elbow grease and a Saturday morning class, you can even DIY this project on a weekend?

Featured: Liria Negro. Design by Airy Kitchens. Photography by Max Grudzinksi Photography.

We hope to inspire you with some of our favorite customer-designed kitchen backsplashes below!

Patterned Play

Patterned, or “ooh, that’s fun!” tile is getting very popular for the added personality and style that it brings to a space. Take the tile all the way up to create the effect of wallpaper on a statement wall that goes beyond function.

Featured: Liria Negro. Design by Airy Kitchens. Photography by Max Grudzinksi Photography.

In this fresh kitchen below, glossy subway tile covers the wall and textured patterns with copper accents stun. We are obsessed with the old-world-look Flow tiles that uniquely resemble tin (available in lots of colors, too!).

Featured: Winter Morning Glass and Flow Smoky Blue. Design by Elena Glas Home.

If you like to dabble in creativity and want to design a truly unique space, divvy up the various colors of mosaics for a one-of-a-kind tile pattern. Your guests will be in awe, and your space will reflect your unique personality (and creative skills!).

Featured: Nova Hex Graphite, Nova Hex Bianco and Nova Hex Smoke. Design by Pinnacle Interior Design. Photography by Lynsey Tjaden Photography.

Subway Style

Who can argue against a classic subway tile with dark grout to really make it pop? This timeless look still shines and is especially breathtaking with floating shelves on display.

Featured: Imperial Bianco Gloss. Design by Alma Homes.

Opt for an artisanal subway tile if you’re looking for a glossy glow that styles well with a modern farmhouse look. Don’t forget the dog!

Featured: Splendours White. Design by I Spy DIY.

While we love a classic white subway tile, we adore a pop of color with these rectangular fan favorites! This bouncy blue is a relaxing, yet lively, hue that adds interest to the otherwise white space. For a modern addition, consider an accent with metallic penny rounds that peek out and customize this backsplash.

Modern Mosaic

Mosaic tile, a tiny collection of beautiful tiles, are a go to when it comes to tiling this typically smaller space. Bring a burst of personality into your space with these unique tile options, from penny rounds to hexagons, in an array of colors.

“These itty bitty pennies brought in a subtly glamorous, glossy grandeur to the space—a little razzle dazzle, if you will.”—Jessica Brigham

We love how large this kitchen looks with the expansion of penny round tiles up to the top of the wall. The continuity and sleekness of the white mosaic and coordinating grout makes this kitchen light and bright while infusing texture.

“Fact: installing tile from countertop to ceiling was the best choice I ever made.”—Jessica Brigham

Looking for a perfect example of a small backsplash that adds significant glamour? Look no further. The Victoria Grey Harlow chevron mosaic adds dimension with color variation and overall brings a gloss and shine to this small space while ultimately keeping the walls clean and covered.

Check out the way this wall sparkles! A modern grey mosaic with shape and texture will instantly amplify any kitchen space.

Featured: Nova Hex in Graphite. Design by Nicki Savage.

This cool and calm space is simply breathtaking. The Glass Snow Napier mosaic is a combination of glossy and frosty finish, invoking modern style in this crisp, contemporary kitchen.

Featured: Glass Snow Napier Mosaic. Design by Morrissey Home Solutions. Photography by Jen Morley Burner.

Did you know that The Tile Shop offers the largest selection of tiles in the U.S.? Let us help you bring your tile backsplash ideas to life and bring personality to the kitchen. Schedule a free design consultation to learn more about customizing your space. Want fresh inspiration every day? Don’t forget to follow @thetileshop on Instagram!

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