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12 Small Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas for 2024

You don’t need space to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Create a luxurious small shower with these twelve stunning tile ideas. For more inspiration, check out our 27 Stunning Shower Tile Design Ideas for 2024 and view our wide selection of shower tiles.

1. Create the Illusion of Space With Large Format Tile

Large format tiles require fewer grout lines, which will make your space feel more expansive. This shower designed by Nikki Chu uses the Savannah Antique 24″ x 48″ marble-look tile to create the appearance of solid marble walls. The effect is an elegant and tranquil space–the epitome of quiet luxury.

Shower with marble tile, gold fixtures and two small niches.
Featuring: Savannah Antique and Modena Mosaic. Design by Nikki Chu.

2. Create a Luxurious Spa Experience with Pebble Tile

A refreshing at-home spa experience is just the thing to elevate your morning routine. The Grey Pebble Small Mosaic tile will make your shower feel luxurious even if you don’t have the luxury of space. The pebble shapes will give your feet a soothing massage and surround you with a calming atmosphere.

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3. Utilize Your Space With a Corner Shelf

Make the most of your small space by installing a corner shelf. Hanging racks can make your shower feel cluttered, but a built-in shelf provides a convenient and stylish place to hold your soap and shampoo. Shop corner shelves in a variety of materials and styles to match your shower tile.

White picket-shaped tiled shower with white corner shelf.
Featuring: Picket Florencia Super Bianco and Bianco Puro Corner Shelf. Design and Photography by Brooke Pavel.

4. Brighten Your Space with Brilliant Jewel Tones

One of our favorite bathroom tile ideas for small showers is dazzling jewel-toned tile. Brilliant blues and glimmering greens are a 2024 trend that we predict will be around for years to come. We love how Wade Home Remodeling used the Look Blu tile in this shower. The shine of the tiles reflects the light, making this small space feel fresh and light even though the tile is a darker color.

Shower with glossy blue subway tile.
Featuring: Look Blu. Design and photography by Wade Home Remodeling.

5. White Tile Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Always on-trend white subway tile will give your shower walls a chic and sleek look. The traditional brick-bond look of this shower designed by Timber and Suede is both modern and classic. If you want to punch up your white subway tile design, try using dark-colored grout for contrast (it will also hide dirt, making your shower look cleaner even if you miss a week of scrubbing).

Shower with white subway tile.
Featuring: Everest White and Splendours White. Design and photography by Timber and Suede.

6. Create a Shower Niche

A great tile shower idea for small bathrooms is a decorative and practical shower niche. We love this niche designed using tile from the Alison Victoria collection. The Elia Polished marble mosaic and Precious Metals 24 Karat trim create a chic, highly designed look. Because the shower niche is a relatively small space, you have a chance to really showcase your style with a patterned or mosaic tile that would be too busy for the entire shower.

Pink brick-look tile with mosaic leaf-shaped tile shower niche.
Featuring: Brick x Brick Petal by Alison Victoria, Elia Polished by Alison Victoria and Alison Victoria Precious Metals 24 Karat Pencil Trim.
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7. Create a Vertical Accent

An intricate mosaic or patterned tile can easily overwhelm a small shower, but if you’re in love with a design, you can still incorporate it into your space in small doses. A vertical accent of mosaic tile will add character to your small space. The single vertical stripe of the Casablanca Mosaic tile in this shower designed by Le Coeur Design elevates this small shower by providing a stylish focal point.

Shower with white subway tile and black and white floral mosaic vertical accent.
Featuring: Casablanca Mosaic, Annie Selke Artisanal White and Ashford Carrara Polished Hex. Design and photography by Le Coeur Design.

8. Add Height with a Vertical Stack

There are many ways to use subway tile in your shower design. If you’re working with a short space, you can add height to your shower by installing a vertical stack subway tile like this shower designed by Coco & Jack. The tiled ceiling helps create the illusion of height, making this shower feel as spacious as it is charming.

Shower with white handmade-look vertical stack subway tile.
Featuring: Splendours White and Hampton Carrara Shower Curb. Design & Photography by Coco & Jack.

9. Add Artisanal Charm with Handmade-Look Tile

A major trend we’re excited for this year is the authentically artisanal aesthetic of handmade and handmade-look tiles. The slight variations in surface texture, size and color make handmade-look tiles, like the Riad Grey tile shown here, a charming choice for a small shower. This bathroom designed by I SPY DIY creates a wet room, extending the tile to encompass the entire space, but we think this handmade-look tile would look just as exquisite in a well-lit smaller space.

Bathroom with wet room and grey square handmade-look tile.
Featuring: Royal White Polished Hex and Riad Grey. Design and photography by I SPY DIY.

10. Go All out with All-Over Marble

Just because you don’t have the luxury of space, doesn’t mean you can’t have a luxurious aesthetic. Since the smaller footprint means you can afford to do more, a small shower might be just the place to invest in real marble tile. Many of our marble tile collections, like the Ashford Carrara shown here, include several sizes, trim pieces and mosaics, so you can achieve a highly designed look like this bathroom designed by Nikki Chu.

Grey marble bathroom with shower and painting.
Featuring: Ashford Carrara Polished, Ashford Carrara Polished Hex, Ashford Carrara Polished Skirting and Hampton Carrara Polished Shower Curb.

11. Add Movement with a Herringbone Pattern

One of the best ways to add movement to your shower walls is with a herringbone pattern. Elongated subway tiles like the Splendours White tile shown here will make your space feel wider. This pattern, created by Quinn Design, adds interest to the small space without making it feel busy.

Shower with white subway tile in herringbone and brick bond patterns.
Featuring: Splendours White, Imperial Bianco Gloss Square Pencil Trim and Siberian Pearl Brushed Hex. Design and photography by Quinn Design.

12. Personalize Your Space With Custom Mosaic Floors

Don’t forget about your shower floors! Even with a small footprint, you can create something unique and interesting for the base of your shower. This custom hexagon floral tile floor designed by The Gold Hive is a perfect example of how to infuse your small shower with color and whimsy.

Overhead shot of a bathroom and shower with sienna-colored hexagon tiles with a pink hexagon floral pattern.
Featuring: Bianco Carrara Polished Curb, Imperial Sienna Gloss Hex, Imperial Bianco Gloss Hex, Imperial Pink Gloss Hex, Imperial Denim Gloss and Firenze Carrara Polished Skirting. Design and Photography by The Gold Hive.

Ready to update your small shower? It’s easier than ever to make your design dreams a reality with our free design services. Or, explore even more small showers spaces on our Customer Room Gallery and Instagram!

Small Bathroom & Shower Tile FAQs

What is the best tile to use for a small shower?

As for any space, the best tile to use is the one that makes you feel refreshed and invigorated. If you want to add the illusion of height or width, use a subway tile installed vertically (for height) or horizontally (for width).

What is the best color tile for a small bathroom?

A light-colored tile will make your space feel more open and airy, but if you have a lot of natural light in your bathroom, you can opt for a darker tile. A highly reflective tile, like a glossy jewel-toned tile will add light even if the tile itself is darker.

What tile makes a small shower look bigger?

Large-format tiles require fewer grout lines, which will make your space feel more expansive. Shop our full assortment of large-format tile to find your unique style.

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