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Cristin Cooper’s Mountain Hideaway

Nestled in the hills of the Carolinas stands Cristin Cooper‘s rustic, refined farmhouse. With Cristin’s eye for design and the help of her husband and general contractor, Zach Cooper, this unstoppable team built their dream home from the ground up. Join us as the Coopers welcome us into their mountain hideaway!

“While we might be great at communicating, we are not always great at agreeing on architecture and decor,” Cristin said. “Zach is from the mountains and loves modern design and rustic elements. I’m from a small town in South Carolina and love all things southern, traditional and cozy.”


As we look through the rest of their mountain home, we think it’s safe to say they did an amazing job at deciding every design detail.

How gorgeous is the Meram Blanc Carrara Marble backsplash? The stone’s white undertones and light-grey veining beautifully unite with the white cabinetry and reclaimed wood accents.

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Laura Ashley Laundry Room

The combination of black cabinetry and light-toned tiles creates a stunning contrast in Cristin’s laundry room.

This backsplash is so charming, we just had to include a close-up view! Patterned backsplashes are a great way to add a personalized statement in your home.

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Porch Palace

Disclosure: If you get porch envy easily, then you might want to skip this section. From stunning views to charming decor, this space has it all!

“I thought it would be fun to embrace the bohemian trend,” Cristin said. “I decided to mix several patterns of textiles to pair with our simplistic furniture and keep everything neutral and inviting.”

See all of Cristin’s modern-neutral porch decor here.


Before Cristin visited The Tile Shop, she wanted a small, dark slate-looking floor tile for the mudroom. But to her surprise, the in-store inspiration helped Cristin choose a tile that best fit the smaller space.

“The larger sized Nain Negro really helps open up this narrow space. The tile has the look and feel of slate, but it’s actually a durable porcelain tile,” Cristin added.

Featured: Nain Negro

“The in-store tiled displays really helps you gauge different sizes and colors and how it will look in your space,” said Cristin.

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Master Bathroom

“The Tile Shop helped me tremendously with this space as we had to decide what patterns and sizes would best complement each other and how much tile we would need for the shower and floor,” Cristin said. “I also learned all about niches in the shower wall, polished edging, Dural systems and all finishing pieces when designing a bath.”

Featured: Hampton Carrara Polished floor tile and Hampton Carrara Polished wall tile

Welcome to Hampton Carrara heaven! From herringbone patterned floors to offset pattern shower walls, this master bath shines with elegance.

Guest Bath

“Our guest room is downstairs in what I lovingly refer to as man land—this is where all of Zach’s favorite rooms are,” Cristin explained. “We wanted the bathroom to be dark, moody and rustic.”

Children’s Bath

While the other bathrooms in the house showcase lavish marble appeal, Cristin wanted a clean, simple and affordable tile design for this last space. Luckily, she didn’t have to sacrifice her style and was able to achieve her goal with the stone-look tile flooring. Calacatta Bianco unites the durability of porcelain with the stunning look of marble.

Looking for design inspiration or DIY tile installation tips? From inspiration and tile samples to free design services, we’ll partner with you for every step of the way.

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