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Top 15 Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas

Modern trends of sustainability, wellness and personalized luxury aren’t likely to go out of style any time soon. With a focus on creating spaces that fit your lifestyle and aesthetic, you can design a bathroom that’s at once ultra-modern and fills you with a sense of joy and rejuvenation for many years to come.

Whether you’re constructing the primary bath of your dreams or renoing your powder room, these sleek and chic modern bathroom design ideas are sure to spark inspiration for your next project. Shop our full selection of bathroom tile to find your personal style.

1. Picket Tile

A twist on the classic subway, picket tile is a modern trend with a lot of staying power. The neat, orderly lines and the characteristic pointed edge give this tile a chic and unique look that’s compatible with a multitude of styles. We love how the Lanse Matte Black Picket is installed diagonally and paired with modern fixtures for a look that’s at once elegant and edgy.

2. Cool and Contemporary Limestone

Authentically unique natural stone embodies everything we love about modern style. This limestone shower is bright and clean and contemporary while still feeling classic. The subtle veining in the stone creates a sense of movement to this space, while the shower niches add functionality and design.

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3. Unique Subway Patterns

Rethink your subway tile design for an ultra-modern, personalized look. Mix up your vertical and horizontal layout for an unexpected design that will add interest to your walls. This blocked vertical and horizontal stack design is a contemporary and fun way to showcase subway tile.

A shower wall with an alternating pattern of horizontal and vertical stacked subway tile.
Featuring: Tribeca Oatmeal.

4. Brilliant Blues

The color of the sky and sea, blue can brighten your mood like no other hue. The emphasis on wellness in modern design is about choosing colors and materials that connect with the natural world for a serotonin boost to get you through the day. Check out 12 of Our Best Blue Bathroom Tile Designs and shop our full selection of blue tile for more ideas on how to incorporate this brilliant hue in your design.

5. Sleek & Chic Marble Look

The luxury of marble is combined with the durability and easy maintenance of porcelain tile for a sustainable and elegant design. Shades of deep blue and grey create a dramatic contrast to the winter white background of the Alvarado matte tile. Man-made porcelain and ceramic marble-look tiles can feature colors not found in nature, but with the realistic look of marble veining, they create a striking modern design.

This modern bathroom features stunning grey large-format marble-look tile with bold dark grey veining.
Featuring: Alvarado Matte. Design by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang. Build by Rick and Kelli Vogelgesang of West Bay Homes. Photography by Spacecrafting.

6. Authentic Handmade Zellige

Handcrafted using centuries-old techniques, no two perfectly imperfect Zellige tiles will ever be alike. The beauty of this tile lies in its uneven surfaces and natural color variation. What makes this ancient tile modern is the authenticity that will infuse your space with one-of-a-kind luxury.

7. Fluted Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look tiles connect you to nature and increase feelings of wellness. With their added shading and texture, fluted wood-look tiles will create a space with lots of visual interest that will nonetheless relax your mind. We love how this ceramic tile captures the essence of an outdoor retreat.

Bathroom sink with fluted, wood-look tile backsplash.
Featuring: Filetto Camel.

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8. Soft Wavy Edges

Curved edges will add softness to your tile design. Popsicle, scalloped and penny rounds are all excellent choices for creating a gentle edge, but we love the ultra-modern Wave tiles (shown here in Old Cream). The tiles can be installed in a variety of ways for a personalized design that’s sure to make a splash!

Bathroom wall with cream-colored, curved tile.
Featuring: Wave Old Cream.

9. Vintage-Made-Modern Hexagon

Trends are cyclical, meaning colors and styles that were in vogue in the twentieth century are making a resurgence. Vintage hexagon tiles are starting to appear in modern designs like this chic white and gold bathroom designed by Alison Victoria. Notice how the subtle veining in the marble hexagons adds a sense of movement to the floor.

This bright modern white bathroom features a small hexagon marble tile floor.
Featuring: Hampton Carrara Hex. Design by Alison Victoria.

10. Modern Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Checkerboards are a modern design win! But we’re thinking beyond black and white for a floor that uses natural stone to create the classic style. This bathroom designed by Timber Trails features the Bucak Light Walnut travertine tile and the Arctic White marble tile to create a classy floor design.

11. Dark Industrial Looks

This bathroom designed by West Bay Homes is a chic take on modern industrial design. The Softcement Graphite cement-look porcelain floor and wall tile give this bathroom a cool, contemporary feel, while the black marble-look shower tile provides an extra sense of drama. The plant and the nature print on the wall add some softness to the space.

12. All-Over Marble Tile

Personalization is key to luxury. If your space fills you with joy and a sense of well-being, then it will feel luxurious to you (and ultimately, that’s all that matters). For this ultra-luxurious bathroom, designer Nikki Chu chose to go all out with Ashford Carrara. This marble collection includes everything from large-format tiles to mosaics and trims, making it possible to create a highly designed and cohesive space.

13. Blush Bricks

The Brick x Brick by Alison Victoria Petal is as chic as it is pretty. The pink is light enough to be neutral while lending a gentle feminine hue to this elegant bathroom. The brick-look tile gives this space the charm of a city loft but with an extra air of refinement.

This chic modern bathroom features blush-colored brick-look shower tile and mosaic floor tile.
Featuring: Brick x Brick by Alison Victoria and Genoa Mosaic. Design by Alison Victoria.

14. Modern Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Make a statement in your shower with a modern mosaic or patterned tile. The Mondrian Mosaic tile, inspired by the abstract art of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, mixes marble and travertine for a space that’s full of beauty and movement. The effect is sleek and modern, creating a focal point in the shower.

15. Good-Vibe Greens

Like blue, green is associated with the outdoors. Infuse the serotonin-inducing hue into your bathroom design for a modern style that focuses on wellness and the natural world. This chic bathroom designed by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang features the Sawyer Emerald picket tile, complemented by the mint green bathroom walls for a lush and inviting look. For more wellness- and outdoor-focused ideas, check out our guide to “biophilic design.”

A modern green bathroom featuring a dark-green picket tile shower wall.
Featuring: Sawyer Emerald, Versatile Dark Grey Mosaic and Softcement Graphite. Design by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang. Build by Rick and Kelli Vogelgesang of West Bay Homes. Photography by Spacecrafting.

Ready to give your bathroom a modern facelift? Schedule a free design consultation or visit a store near you to get started. For more inspiration, check out these bathroom tile ideas.

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