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24 Luxurious Primary Bathroom Tile Ideas

Arguably the most important bathroom in the house, the primary bath is likely the room where you go to start and end your day. Create a space that invigorates your morning and relaxes you in the evening with these primary bathroom tile ideas for 2024. For even more inspiration, check out our Bathroom Tile Ideas or shop our vast selection of bathroom tile.

1. Marble-Look Tiles

If you love the look of marble, but not the maintenance, durable, water-proof and easy-to-clean marble-look porcelain tiles are your friend. Available in a variety of looks that mimic real marble (and even in colorful veining that can’t be found in nature, like the Marradi Calacatta Emerald and the Splendor Oceania), these tiles will infuse your bathroom with luxury. This bathroom, designed by Construction 2 Style, incorporates both the large-format Lincoln White Polished tile and the mosaic-look Marble Star tile.

Featuring: Lincoln White Polished, Penny Round Matte and Marble Star. Design and photography by Construction 2 Style.

2. Primary Bathroom Walk-In Shower Ideas

If you have the space, a walk-in shower can add comfort to your primary bathroom and set you up for an aging-in-place home. The added grout lines between the 2″ Claros Silver Hex floor tiles in this bathroom, designed by Exell, create traction, while the large-format Atlanta White wall tiles make this space feel more expansive.

Featuring: Atlanta White, Claros Silver Hex and Claros Silver Skirting. Design and photography by Exell Ceramic Tile.

3. Penny Round Stripes

This fun and funky bathroom designed by Ocotillo House & Home uses penny-round tile to create unexpected diagonal stripes. We love how this bathroom embraces simple geometric shapes from the circle mirror to the off-set square handles on the vanity. The effect of the primary color (plus black-and-white) color scheme and basic shapes create a deceptively simple design.

Featuring: Imperial Bianco Gloss, Hex Matte Black and Hex Gloss White. Design and photography by Ocotillo House & Home.

4. Architectural Accent Wall

Architectural elements like exposed brick or stone can add great visual texture to your space, but if your home doesn’t include those features, you can add your own with architectural tile. The flagstaff tile used in this bathroom designed by Smitten Design & Interiors creates a stunning accent wall that adds an extra dimension to this space.

Featuring: Flagstaff. Design and photography by Smitten Design & Interiors.
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5. Biophilic Bathtub Backsplash

Characterized by it’s nature-inspired prints, shapes and colors, “biophilic design” is about creating wellness-focused, serotonin-inducing spaces that bring the outdoors in. With the branch-shaped light fixture, floral-motif window and botanical-patterned Amazonia Emerald tile, this bathroom designed by The Lazy Lavender creates a lush retreat that embodies everything we love about this on-trend style.

Featuring: Amazonia Emerald Tropic and Tinos Black Chevron. Design and photography by The Lazy Lavender.

6. Posh Polkadots

Who says polkadots can’t be chic? One look at this stunning bathroom designed by Beginning in the Middle proves that whimsy and elegance can go hand and hand. They used the Firenze Carrara Hex and the Black Marquina Hex tiles to create a custom design that is fun and stylish.

Bathroom with dark-wood sink vanity, mirror, plant and lots of natural light.
Featuring: Firenze Carrara Hex and Black Marquina Hex. Design & Photography by Beginning in the Middle.

7. Primary Bathroom Shower Ideas

Tile provides endless possibilities for personalizing even a small shower. Create a picture frame or focal point using a favorite mosaic or patterned tile like the runner of the Trois Bandes diamond-shaped pattern shown here. And don’t forget about finishings! Trim and thresholds will give your shower a polished, designed look.

This contemporary shower features wood-look porcelain tile and a band of white with black lined diamond-patterned tile and black  half-hexagon mosaic tile floor.
Featuring: Troy Black, Noir Honed Corner Shelf, Noir Honed Hixton, Trois Bandes and Amazona Amendoa Wood Look.

8. Custom Patterns

For this modern colonial bathroom, the husband and wife team behind Chris Loves Julia needed a tile to match the unique space. The black-and-white cross-patterned tile floor is created using hexagon tile in a custom design. We love how the Hampton Carrara Hex marble tile pops against the Hex Matte Black porcelain tile. Make sure to read more about how they created this custom design.

Featuring: Hampton Carrara Hex, Hex Matte Black and Hampton Carrara Subway. Design and photography by Chris Loves Julia.

9. Textile-Inspired Backsplash

The raised, woven design of the Annie Selke Crosshatch Soft Pink creates a softness to this chic bathroom designed by Refine Studios. The subtle design on the tile gives this backsplash great visual texture that complements the black metal mirror frames and candleholder sconces. If you love this textile-inspired look, shop our exclusive Annie Selke collection.

Featuring: Annie Selke Crosshatch Soft Pink and Calacatta Gold Hex. Design and photography by Refine Studios.
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10. Cool Blues

The color of the sea and sky, blue is a new neutral that despite its musical reputation, can brighten your mood. This brilliant blue accent wall uses the Cool Blue handmade-look tile, which features variations in color tone and a glossy surface for a tile that shines. It this is your hue, shop our full assortment of blue tile.

This large modern bathroom features a blue handmade-look accent wall.
Featuring: Cool Blue.

11. Wood-Look Floor Tile

Real wood is prone to water damage and can trap bacteria–not the most suitable material for a bathroom–but wood-look porcelain or luxury vinyl tile (like the Cyrus Plus Akadia tile shown here) will give the appearance of real wood without the headache.

Bathroom in luxury home with double vanity, bathtub, mirror, sinks, shower, and hardwood floor.
Featuring: Cyrus Plus Akadia.

12. Picture Frame

Highlight a favorite mosaic or patterned tile in a picture frame. Using layered trim, you can create a decorative focal point in your bathroom or shower that will add a highly designed elegance to your space. This is also a great way to incorporate a loved tile that might be overwhelming in the entire space or add visual texture with an intricate mosaic like the Firenze Calcatta Hex tile shown here.

Italian marble has a polished finish and displays a cloudy white base with gold veining, providing these bathroom walls and floors with elegance.
Featuring: Firenze Calacatta Amalfi, Firenze Calacatta, Firenze Calacatta Curb, Firenze Calacatta, Firenze Calacatta Hex, Firenze Calacatta Bullnose and Firenze Calacatta Flat Corner Shelf.

13. Coastal Chic

Embrace a breezy beach lifestyle with a charming coastal-inspired pattern like the Summerland by Jeffery Alan Marks in Miramar shown here. This faded linen pattern is everything we love about a sun-kissed summer day. The woven light fixtures and soft grey subway tile add to the relaxed ambiance of this primary bathroom.

Coastal chic bathroom featuring blue and white patterned hexagon tile and light grey handmade-look subway tile.
Featuring: Tribeca Gypsum White and Summerland by Jeffrey Alan Marks in Miramar.

14. Geometric Patterns

This stunning bathroom designed by Kate Pearce Vintage goes bold with a geometric patterned tile. The rust orange and charcoal shapes of the Artisan Tiare tile give this space an air of both orderliness and fun. The white walls and ceiling allow this pattern to be the star and the simple brown, white and red accessories blend into the color scheme, making the greenery to stand out.

Bathroom with orange, black and white patterned floor tile.
Featuring: Artisan Tiare. Design & Photography by Kate Pearce Vintage.

15. Quiet Luxury

“Quiet luxury,” a trend focused on sustainability, authenticity and personalization embodies all the qualities you need to create a relaxing and revitalizing space. This bathroom designed by Nikki Chu incorporates the understated opulence of quiet luxury with the luxe Macchia Vecchia marble-look wall tile paired with the real marble Calcata Evora floor tile.

White tile with bold brown veining in a bathroom.
Featuring: Calacata Evora, Macchia Vecchia, Macchia Vecchia and Shapes Elongated Hex Off White Two Tone. Design by Nikki Chu.

16. Large-Format Herringbone

The large-format rectangular marble tile is used to create the oversized herringbone pattern in this elegant bathroom designed by Timber Trails. The soft grey veining in the Volakas marble tile and the diagonal layout of the tile create a gentle sense of movement that is at once calming and stimulating.

This bright and large bathroom features white marble floor tile in a herringbone pattern.
Featuring: Volakas, Volakas Skirting, Volakas Barnes and Volakas Hixton. Design by Timber Trails Development Company. Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.

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17. Checkerboard for the Win

Black and white and fabulous all over, this bathroom embraces the whimsical elegance of a classic checkerboard pattern. The black and white squares made from the Hampton Carrara and the Black Marquina marble tiles elevate this pattern and tie into the ultra-chic Casablanca Mosaic tub backsplash.

Bathroom with black and white checkerboard floor tile and a black and white mosaic accent wall. Bathtub and small table with a plant.
Featuring: Hampton Carrara, Black Marquina, Casablanca Mosaic and Black Marquina Barnes. Design by Timber Trails Development Company. Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.

18. Cool Industrial Style

You don’t need to live in a downtown loft to utilize contemporary industrial style. This cool bathroom designed by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang at West Bay Homes uses the Softcement Graphite porcelain cement-look tile to create a sleek and chic loft-look space. We love how she incorporated the plant and nature print for an organic softness that contrasts with the dark tile.

This modern bathroom features large-format grey floor and wall tile and dark grey with white veining shower tile.
Featuring: Softcement Graphite, Noir Honed Hixton, Noir Honed Threshold, Noir Honed Mosaic, Alvarado Matte and Livingstone Nero. Design by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang. Build by Rick and Kelli Vogelgesang of West Bay Homes. Photography by Spacecrafting.

19. Marble Mosaic Backsplash

This lush leaf-shaped marble mosaic makes for a gorgeous backsplash in this modern primary bathroom designed by Alison Victoria for her Chicago home. The Elia Polished by Alison Victoria features light grey veining for an elegant sense of movement. This tile is versatile enough to complement a variety of design styles, but we like how it pairs with the gold sconces and faucets.

This chic bathroom vanity features a lush leaf-shaped marble mosaic backsplash.
Featuring: Elia Polished by Alison Victoria. Design by Alison Victoria.

20. Add a Shower Niche

Don’t spend all your money creating your ideal bathroom just to hang a shower caddy over your faucet. Decorative and functional, a shower niche is a stylish way to store your soaps and shampoos. Use this space to showcase a favorite mosaic or patterned tile and frame it with trim to add extra appeal.

A shower niche with a marble herringbone tile and a frame of decorative trim.
Featuring: Arctic White Brushed Large Herringbone, Arctic White Brushed, Claros Silver Somerset, Arctic White Brushed and Glass Shelf.

21. Graphic and Chic Patterns

You will be the primary user of your primary bathroom, so don’t be afraid to showcase your personal style. The Nikki Chu Zulu Graphite bold tile features Nikki’s signature graphic designs for a fun and funky space that oozes personality.

This chic modern bathroom features a black-and-white abstract-patterned tile on the floor and backsplash.
Featuring: Nikki Chu Zulu Graphite.

22. Colored Brick-Look Tiles

The Brick x Brick by Alison Victoria in Petal tile is everything we love about exposed brick, handmade look and subway tile. This incredibly chic bathroom features beautiful color and surface texture variation for the authentic look of brick in a soft pink hue.

This pretty and chic modern bathroom features pink brick-look subway shower tile installed in a vertical offset.
Featuring: Brick x Brick by Alison Victoria Petal. Designed by Alison Victoria.

23. Authentic Zellige Tile

Zellige tile is handcrafted according to ancient techniques by artisans in Morocco, ensuring that each piece will be a unique connection to historic craftsmanship. We can’t think of anything more luxurious and personalized! Available in several stunning colors, use this tile to create a space that’s as tasteful as it is timeless.

A bathroom with open shower featuring handmade Zellige tile on the walls and floors.
Featuring: Zellige Charcoal Chabone Cross Gloss, Zellige Charcoal Chabone Star Matte and Zellige Alabaster Gloss.

24. Relaxed Boho Style

Embrace an easy, worldly style with the stylishly eclectic boho style. Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang of West Bay Homes shows how to use this style effectively in this chic and charming primary bathroom. The Annie Selke Ikat Black tile floor incorporates an Indonesian textile design which, along with the intricately carved wooden mirror frames, creates a space that feels as if it’s been styled with findings from world travels.

This large, bright bathroom features a patterned floor tile.
Featuring: Annie Selke Ikat Black, Arctic White Skirting, Arctic White Brushed Niles with Bianco Puro Dot and Arctic White. Design by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang. Build by Rick and Kelli Vogelgesang of West Bay Homes. Photography by Spacecrafting.

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