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Listello Tile

Listello is a band of border tile that is a great way to add an interesting element to walls and floors. It’s a smart approach if you want to incorporate a decorative element without overwhelming your space.

Borders & Listellos

This stunning Modern Vineyard Listello mosaic tile brings a stylish, contemporary feel into your home through the pairing of Black Marquina and white Carrara marble. The modern art inspired, high-contrast mosaic is perfect for a popping backsplash. Bring the vineyard right into your home with crisscrossing vines that entangle each other through this refined 10" x 12" listello.

Yellow glazed decorative ceramic tile with repeating light brown diamonds inside of a dark brown border.

This painted decorative tile features a blue and tan border with a diamond motif.

Add an elegant border to your kitchen or bathroom wall tile with this Casale mosaic marble tile from Rush River Stone. An intricately handcrafted listello, this marble tile offers a vine pattern for a subtly sophisticated effect. The natural look of the neutral tones will bring an Old World feel to your room.

An intricate vine pattern composed of fern green marble that winds through a light khaki and gold natural limestone background. Also available as an out corner.

Shimmering black marble with light gray mineral clouds is arranged in a classical, symmetrical moving pattern across a background of stark Lansdale Carrara white marble squares.

A host of light, earthy brown shades lend a natural vibrancy to this listello, which is composed of squares, triangles and rectangles.

The Portofino listello wall tile demonstrates painstaking artistry and restraint with its flowing, wave-like vine pattern of khaki brown tiles set against a creamy, buff beige background. This honed and filled travertine tile is a simple way to complete a subtle mosaic tile accent that complements traditional, Old World and rustic designs.

Polished travertine that has a smooth feel and a color scheme of light bronze and gold with silver flecks.

Light bronze and gold travertine tiles with flecks of dark silver in a diamond pattern with rectangular borders.

Smoky travertine with pearl white cloudy undertones arranged in a diamond, rhombus and rectangle pattern.

Listello is a band of border tile that is a great way to add an interesting element to walls and floors. It’s a smart approach if you want to incorporate a touch of creativity and unique design without overwhelming your space.

Elevate Your Rooms with Border Tiles & Listellos

Bring a touch of beauty and elegance to your home by installing some eye-catching listello tile. A striking border design can be the perfect accent to your room’s décor, serve as a divider between two different tiles and provide a visual break in a large stretch of field tile. Use listello tile to introduce patterns to your walls and floors—they are a fun opportunity to get creative!


border tile in bathroom
decorative listello in kitchen
listello tile for fireplace

Border tiles are often used in kitchens and bathrooms but can be installed in any room. Run a listello across the backsplash on your natural stone kitchen walls or in your porcelain-tiled bathroom. Interesting borders can be integrated into floors, too. Use listello as a border in a tile rug or install it in your shower pan.


glass shower border tiles
border tile backsplash
decorative marble listello

The Tile Shop offers listellos in a variety of materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, slate, travertine and even a combination of stone and glass. When installing tile in any space, you can add your personal style with a decorative element to make your space unique. No matter the design of your home, we have something that will fit your style.


tile border
travertine bathroom accent tile
listello tile accent

Whether you’re looking for a border or corner tile, there’s a size and shape that will fit your space. 4” x 12” is our most common size of listello tile, but they can vary in width and length depending on the design. Stop into your local store to have one of our expert associates help you choose the right tile for your home.

Ask the Tile Experts

What is listello tile?

Listello is border tile that’s used to add a unique design to walls and floors.

What types of materials work best for listellos & borders?

Natural stone is a popular choice. Often, people opt to use a stone that’s rare because it’s a nice added touch to bring in that pop of something different. We also mix in glass, mother of pearl and different metals to our patterns.

How big are listello and border tiles?

The most common size for a listello or border tile is 4” x 12” but they will vary widely based on the design. The average thickness is 3/8”.

Why should I use listello tile?

An interesting border can add some personality in any room. Listellos are a smart way to incorporate a pop of color and pattern without dedicating an entire wall to the look. The multitude of options available at The Tile Shop means there is a listello tile that will fit in your specific décor, whether it’s contemporary, retro, traditional or rustic.