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Ceramic wall tile

Ceramic tile comes in a wide array of sizes, shapes, textures and finishes to give you the creative freedom to update any wall of your room. Natural hues and bright shades can enhance indoor and outdoor areas with the look you choose. This wall tile is durable, fire- and moisture-resistant, and easy to clean, which makes it a smart option for your bathroom, kitchen or fireplace.

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Ceramic Wall Tile

$ 0.99 Sq Ft
Let Fired Earth Ceramics create the ideal neutral setting for a variety of contemporary or transitional decors with the 12" x 12" Citrino Cinza ceramic tile. Soft beige-grey coloration with darker mottling gives a realistic stone appearance that's easy to maintain. Install it as a wall tile in the bath or as a kitchen backsplash; or enjoy its matte finish as a floor tile.

$ 0.99 Sq Ft
Whether your decor leans toward traditional or more modern style, the 12" x 12" Jaspe Camurca ceramic tile from Fired Earth Ceramics will provide the ideal accent you're looking for. With a look that mimics marble, you can use it as a wall tile or floor tile and let the soft blend of beige and grey coloration and creamy white highlights elevate any space from the laundry to the living room.

$ 1.29 Sq Ft
Warm tones make your living space a tranquil, welcoming place to reside and visit. The Toronto Light Brown ceramic wall and floor tile by Fired Earth Ceramics adds to the sophisticated environment you desire with neutral brown tones swirled with wispy cream highlights. In a 14" x 14" square design, this ceramic tile can be appreciated as wall tile or floor tile in your kitchen, bathroom or entryway.

$ 1.29 Sq Ft
Be proud of the design you've put together when using this Toronto Grey ceramic wall and floor tile by Fired Earth Ceramics. In a 14" x 14" square, this stately ceramic tile features a warm grey background, creating a neutral color scheme. Brown and cream swirling and speckling create rich highlights. Use as floor tile or wall tile to establish an enduring, refined look in your home.

$ 1.99 Sq Ft
Take in the light and airy feeling offered by the Sailcloth white matte ceramic wall tile from Fired Earth Ceramics. In a 10" x 14" rectangular shape, this ceramic tile features a matte finish, creating a crisp and clean environment. The neutral white allows you to easily add color to any space, coordinating with present or future decor.

$ 1.99 Sq Ft
The look of a real wood floor without the upkeep is now possible. Legno Smoke Wood Look wall and floor tiles mimic the appearance of authentic wooden planks, complete with a natural wood grain design, but without all the maintenance. That means cleaning and keeping your floors and walls looking new and beautiful for years to come is easy. Create a light and bright space using these soft grey 6" x 24" ceramic tiles as your base.
$ 1.99 Sq Ft
Wood-look ceramic tile has never looked so realistic. Get all of the visual appeal of natural wood with the benefits of ceramic tile in one beautiful product. These 6" x 24" tiles last for decades and with care and cleaning this easy, you'll able able to enjoy the classic look of wood for a lifetime. The warm color and faux texture make Legno Noce Wood Look tiles perfect for giving the floors or walls of your space the rustic feeling of home.
$ 1.99 Sq Ft
Legno Vecchio Wood Look is the perfect ceramic tile to imitate a rustic wood-plank look. These wall and floor tiles have the aesthetic appeal of an authentic wooden floor but are much easier to clean and will last far longer in your home. Creating a wood-floor look or rich accent wall or adding warmth and depth to many areas of the home is simple with these 6" x 24" tiles. The faux grain of these ceramic wood-look tiles is so realistic, it's easy to forget that they aren't real wood.
$ 1.99 Sq Ft
Have the best of both worlds with tiles that have the appearance of natural wood planks combined with the durability of tile. Wood-look tiles bring high-end, realistic wood grain patterns to your floor or wall, making them both easier to clean and longer lasting than the real thing. These 6" x 24" Legno Ash Wood Look ceramic tiles come in varying grey tones just like natural wood and are perfect for adding a hint of cool color to any room.
$ 1.99 Sq Ft
The white-washed barn-wood look you've dreamed of can be yours with Legno White Wood Look wall and floor tile (and you don't have to live on a farm to get it). These 6" x 24" wood-look planks of ceramic tile are easy to clean, durable and offer the same rustic look that real wood does. Whether you want the look of a wood floor or a reclaimed-wood accent wall, you can't go wrong with this timeless tile. The white and light grey tones of the faux grain bring brightness and interest to any room.
$ 1.99 Each
Add a crisp, clean finish to your room with the versatile Regal Bianco Gloss ceramic trim tile from Fired Earth Ceramics. In addition to its modern size, the bright white coloration and clean, reflective finish allow this 3" x 8" tile to shine from the entryway to the laundry room. Bevelled on the 8 inch side to finish your layout.