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It may not be glamorous, but grout plays a vital role in the installation and finished look of your tile project. The Tile Shop offers a wide array of grout colors and long-lasting caulk to help you achieve the finished look you desire.

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Floor & Wall Tile Grout for All Colors & Materials

Applying grout fills the voids and makes your floors and walls stronger by bonding the tiles together and preventing them from chips, cracks and water damage as your home naturally shifts and moves. Premium-quality grout also helps prevent stains, giving your tiling project a long-lasting, professional finish. It’s important to select a tile grout that offers superior bonding strength and stain resistance, especially in high-traffic areas. The wide variety of grout colors available means that you can find an option that complements or stylishly contrasts with your tile color and pattern. The expert store associates at The Tile Shop are a great resource to learn about the different colors and types of grout available on the market.


White Tile and Charcoal Grout Washroom Area

The color you choose for your grout can be just as important the one you select for your tile. Light or dark grout can work with most tile colors. For example, we love white subway tile with black, grey or white grout. The Tile Shop offers a wide selection of colors like white, beige, cream, black, blue, brown, tan and grey, so there’s a color that will coordinate with your room’s decor.

Sanded & Unsanded

Dark Grey Matte Tile Dining Area
Provenzal Alhama Grey Tile Outdoor Patio

Sanded grout contains very fine sand and is the go-to choice for most applications. It has the greatest range of color choices, reduces grout shrinkage, works best with wider grout lines and is less expensive than unsanded grout. Unsanded grout is commonly used on surfaces prone to scratches, like glass and metal, vertical applications and thinner grout lines (1/8” to 1/16”).


The area where you install tile definitely affects your grout decision, and your grout choice then impacts your tile’s spacing. Sanded grout is the standard option for flooring because its durability and stability allow it to stand up to years of foot traffic. It’s also smart to use darker grout for high-traffic areas since it takes dedicated cleaning to keep dirt from staining lighter-colored grout. Unsanded grout is stickier than sanded, so it will stay put on vertical surfaces like backsplashes and shower walls, and since it won’t need to deal with foot traffic, its decreased durability doesn’t matter.


Encaustic Imperial Blue and Brown patterned Square Tile Shower Area

The Tile Shop offers grout that will work with any tile material you decide to install, from ceramic to marble and porcelain to natural stone. Our store associates can help you choose a color and type that will work with your project.

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