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Superior Pro-Excel 100% Silicone Translucent Caulk

Item #51816

Superior Pro-Excel 100% Silicone Translucent Caulk

Item #51816


Superior Pro-Excel 100% Silicone Translucent caulk is a professional formula with exceptional workability, flexural strength and resistance to a broad spectrum of fungal, algal and bacterial growth. For both interior and exterior applications, our caulk is smooth and workable with premium adhesion, non-sag, non-stain and non-yellowing qualities. Caulk can be submerged in water within 24 hours of application. Ensure your installation lasts for years with Superior Pro-Excel 100% Silicone caulk that resists UV light, stain, mold and mildew damage. For full product details, view the product data sheet.

Product Group: Excel Silicone > Silicone (Silicone)

Product Finish Color Size Shape
51811 None Black Onyx 10.5 oz None
51808 None Charcoal 10.5 oz None
51815 None Clear 10.5 oz None
51803 None Desert Sand 10.5 oz None
51804 None Dove Grey 10.5 oz None
51806 None Ivory 10.5 oz None
51805 None Linen 10.5 oz None
51809 None London Fog 10.5 oz None
51802 None Mobe Pearl 10.5 oz None
51810 None Mocha 10.5 oz None
51807 None Natural 10.5 oz None
51800 None Standard White 10.5 oz None
51812 None Tobacco 10.5 oz None
51816 None Translucent 10.5 oz None
51801 None Whisper Grey 10.5 oz None

Product Details

10.5 oz

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Superior Pro-Excel 100% Silicone Translucent Caulk

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