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Backsplash Tile

Choosing the tile for your backsplash is one of the best parts of redecorating. Why? Since it generally covers a much smaller area than your main wall or floor tile, you can feel free to have more fun with it. That means that incorporating pops of color, a unique material or an interesting shape is less risky. Whether you opt for a detailed mosaic or a classic subway tile, you’ll find something you love from our hundreds of options.

Backsplash Tile

Introduce cool, casual style to your living space with the 3" x 12" Brandford glass wall tile by Fired Earth Glass Works. This subway tile's light grey and white stripes, along with steel blue coloration, complement a straight-edge, elongated design. This glossy glass tile is an ideal choice for enhancing areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Give your decor a touch of modern texture with our Stream Glass Snow subway tile. A subtle hand scraped finish adds depth and dimension to the textured snow white glass tile surface. This simple and contemporary wall tile will light up the decor in a kitchen, bathroom or any area in your home.

Enhance your home's decor with the classic, clean lines of our Lake Shore subway tile. Blue linear lines add a dimensional quality to the translucent blue glass tiles, adding a sleek look to your backsplash or shower wall. Smooth glass construction makes upkeep easy, especially if it's in a high-use area like a kitchen or bathroom.

A foggy blue-grey watercolor background is visible through a highly textured handscraped look transparent glass.

A dark sage green watercolor background is visible through a highly textured handscraped look transparent glass.

Add snappy style to your bathroom with the Rain Glass Dune subway tile. The sandy beige background on this glass tile shows through the transparent surface for a watercolor effect. With a deeply grooved, hand-scraped texture, the surface casts a wavy shadow that emulates the movement of sand dunes. A glossy surface finishes the contemporary look.

The Lasalle glass tile is an elegant option for polishing the appearance of transitional, modern or contemporary decors. At 3" x 12", this subway tile sports a smooth, glossy finish with a clean, brushed look. It makes an excellent accent for the kitchen, bath or shower walls. This particular size and shape is ideal for creating alternate patterns that will enhance and complement your other square and mosaic tiles.

Surround yourself in the beauty of the sky and the sea when decorating your home with the Humboldt glass tile. The vibrant cerulean blue subway tile with a glossy finish will enliven your senses when utilized in the kitchen, shower or around the bathtub. A silver pinstripe design provides visual texture to your vivacious designer look.

The Wicker glass subway tile is drenched in hues of oatmeal and mushroom for an exquisite natural look. A faint linear pattern gives subtle visual texture in the background. This glass tile is impervious to water, making it perfect for a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. It also makes a magnificent shower wall. This glass tile is impervious to water making it perfect for a backsplash or shower wall.

Taking inspiration from the grid pattern of the city of Chicago, you'll enjoy the clean lines of the Halsted glass tile. The glossy finish of this subway tile may remind you of the twinkling lights of the skyline, while the khaki toned glass will elicit thoughts of the sandy shoreline beaches. A sophisticated pinstripe pattern adds visual texture to your kitchen, bathroom or fireplace.

Bring the cool calm of the spa to your home with the New Haven glass tile. Shining with a smooth gloss finish, this luxury subway tile instills serenity with its pale and herby sage green color. Silvery blue striations extend horizontally across each soothing tile, lending a tranquil watercolor effect.

Choosing the tile for your backsplash is one of the best parts of redecorating. Why? Since it generally covers a much smaller area than your main wall or floor tile, you can feel free to have more fun with it. That means that incorporating pops of color, a unique material or an interesting shape is less risky. Whether you opt for a detailed mosaic or a classic subway tile, you’ll find something you love from our hundreds of options.

Add Style Elements or A Pop of Color with Backsplash Tiles

Updating and modernizing your home can be as easy as updating your kitchen’s backsplash. It allows you to add a pop of color, a distinct shape or a stand-out pattern to your room—and it’s one of the quicker and easier tiling projects to take on yourself. Plus, there’s so much more than classic white subway tile. Explore the multitude of options below.


blue hex tile backsplash
green backsplash tiles
black tile backsplash

We’re all for classic, white tile backsplashes, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to take a little risk (and have a little fun). Go for dramatic contrast to light cabinets with bold, dark backsplash tile, or brighten up a dark room with an unexpected pop of color. Can’t pick just one? A colorful mosaic has the best of all worlds.


diamond shaped tile
rectangular backsplash tiles
pennyround tile

So, you’ve chosen a color; now what shape will you use? If you’ve opted for a neutral color, using a unique shape is a great way to add some interest to your room. There are more possibilities than you may have realized: rectangular subway tiles, arabesques, penny rounds, squares, hexagons and even natural pebbles (we’re not sure what that shape is called!). But don’t worry—they all make beautiful backsplashes, and it’s just a matter of preference.


faux brick backsplash
marble backsplash
glass tile backsplash

Available in glass, stone, ceramic, granite, marble, porcelain, encaustic cement and more, tile is one of the most versatile design elements of your décor. Each material creates a different look and has its own properties, so there is a perfect tile for everyone, every space and every project. Since your backsplash is an accent area, this is the perfect time to explore some of the more unique material options and really make it stand out.


offset tile pattern
horizontal/vertical stack pattern
herringbone layout

A classic brick pattern always looks great, but there are so many ways to play with patterns in your tile layout. Try flipping the tile on its head to create a completely different look. You’ll be surprised how much a different pattern can change your room. Herringbone, angled, crosshatch, horizontally or vertically stacked, offset…there are so many more possibilities than most people realize, each one giving you a unique look and feel.


stacked wood texture
mixed smooth and stone textures
diamond texture tile

Nothing brings drama to a room like a textured backsplash. Add the illusion with patterned and faux-textured tiles or create depth with actual 3-D tiles. Think of 3-D tiles as an alternative to wallpaper that add pattern and color. Stone, mosaics, geometric ceramic or porcelain, faux-wood and pattern-printed tiles all serve to make your backsplash the stunning focal point of your kitchen.

Artistic Accents

framed wall tile
bright tile pattern
modern metallic tile

Treat your backsplash as a blank canvas—it’s the perfect opportunity to add a work of art to any room. Mosaics, accent tiles or patterned tiles you can mix and match give you an original, artistic look that will last for years.

Ask the Tile Experts

Why install a backsplash?

There are a number of reasons to install a backsplash in your home. A tile backsplash will protect your wall from moisture and stains in high-use areas of the home, like behind the kitchen and bathroom sinks. This means that cleaning will be easier, and your walls will be protected, lasting longer. And best of all, it's an opportunity to add style, color and interest to any room.

How thick are the tiles?

The thickness of tiles varies widely, ranging from approximately 7 mm up to 12 mm. Ceramic tiles tend to be the thinnest, generally ranging from 8 mm to 10 mm. 10 mm is the standard thickness for porcelain tiles. Natural stone tiles can be up to 12 mm thick.

When do I need to seal it?

Not all tile needs to be sealed. Ceramic or porcelain tiles likely won’t need to be sealed. Stone tiles, on the other hand, usually do need to be sealed because their porous surfaces are more susceptible to retaining the things that come into contact with their surfaces. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Your grout should be sealed for the same reason—if unsealed, its surface is more likely to absorb spills and stains. Grout will last longer and be easier to clean when it is sealed. Some grouts sold at The Tile Shop have sealers built into them to save you a step, so always refer to the instructions to confirm whether or not you need to seal your tile and grout.

How should I clean my tile?

The cleaning procedure for each tile depends on its style and material. The important thing to remember is that, if tile is maintained properly, it should be easy to clean. Porcelain is usually the easiest type of tile to care for. Natural stone is the most sensitive to harsh cleaners so special care should be taken.

Do tile and grout stain easily?

Tiles that are properly installed and maintained should not stain easily. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most stain resistant which is why they can sometimes be left unsealed. Natural stone tiles have a more porous surface which is why sealing is usually recommended. Once stone tiles and grout are sealed, they are much less likely to stain and are easier to clean and care for.

How do you pick the right backsplash for your counter or cupboards?

This is where your personal style and taste come into play. You can choose to coordinate your tile with your cabinets and countertops or you can choose to contrast them. Your backsplash can be the attention-getting centerpiece of your room or it can be subtler to let other design elements shine. The key is not having too many focal points in a room at once. Prioritize your favorite elements and let the rest serve to make those elements look good. If you choose to feature your backsplash, the sky’s the limit. Unique colors, materials and shapes can all be utilized here.

Can you mix different tile materials for your floor, walls and backsplash?

Absolutely! This is the place to experiment and have fun. We encourage you to mix materials to your heart’s desire. And if you need help choosing, stop by one of our locations for expert design help.

Where do you end the backsplash?

A backsplash generally stretches from the countertop to underneath the cabinets vertically and to the edge of the countertop horizontally.

Can you install a backsplash over wallpaper or paneling?

We do not recommend installing tile on top of any other materials and always suggest you start with a clean, blank wall or floor.

How does backsplash tile work around electrical outlets?

Just like you would tile around the toilet or sink in your bathroom, simply cut your tile to fit around electrical outlets in your backsplash. We recommend using The Tile Shop’s Beast brand of tile saw to get a smooth cut every time. You can even get decorative switch plates to coordinate with your tile.