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Easy Pitch: Weep Hole Guard

Item #348911

Easy Pitch: Weep Hole Guard

Item #348911


When you install your new shower, be sure to use the Easy Pitch Weep Hold Guard from Superior. Designed to ensure the correct drainage slope and to prevent mortar from plugging up your drain, this patented plastic ring is ridged so water passes easily beneath the mortar and into the weep holes. Conveniently placed perforations let you customize the diameter according to your drain size.

Product Group: Shower Pan > Shower Pan Install (Shower Pan Install)

Product Finish Color Size Shape
348899 None None None Center Ring
348939 None None None Extension Kit
348898 None None None Float Sticks
348911 None None None Hole Guard
348938 None None None Kit w/ Ring
348937 None None None Pre Slope Extension Kit
348936 None None None Pre Slope Kit


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Shower Pan

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Easy Pitch: Weep Hole Guard

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