River Apurimac Onyx and Glass Listello Wall and Floor Tile - 2 x 8 in.

Item #658453

River Apurimac Onyx and Glass Listello Wall and Floor Tile - 2 x 8 in.

Item #658453


A unique trim tile with lots of personality, the River Apurimac Onyx and Glass Listello displays a variety of brown, grey and green shades to flatter any kitchen or bathroom. Three offest rows of 1" squares make up this 2" x 8" grey onyx and green glass mosaic. Coordinate natural stone, glass, porcelain or ceramic tiles with the many relaxing colors of this listello trim piece.

Product Group: Onyx Listello > Trim & Accessories (Listello)

Product Finish Color Size Shape
658453 Polished Apurimac 2 x 8 in. River Chiclet Mosaic
658457 Polished Javari 2 x 8 in. River Chiclet Mosaic



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2 x 8 in.
Rush River
Stone with Glass

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