Hampton Carrara Polished Delray with Cinderella Grey Marble Mosaic Tile 10 x 10 in.

Item #650132 Coverage 7.00 sq. ft. per box

Hampton Carrara Polished Delray with Cinderella Grey Marble Mosaic Tile 10 x 10 in.

Item #650132 Coverage 7.00 sq. ft. per box

$22.99/sq. ft.

Box Price: $160.91

Sample Price: $16.09 (Free for Pro Accounts)

The 10" x 10" Hampton Carrara polished Delray tile from Rush River Stone is ideal for adding drama to the kitchen, bath or living room. An engaging wall or floor tile, this mosaic tile asserts itself with a curvy basket weave design. This white marble tile is accented by subtle grey speckling with grey and tan veining contrasted by tiny grey squares of Cinderella marble. Matching trim is also available.

Product Group: Hampton Carrara > Mosaic (Mosaic)

Product Finish Color Size Shape
657668 Polished None 2 x 4 in. Amalfi
658797 Polished None None Arabesque
659536 Polished None None Brookfield
655160 Polished None 1 x 2 in. Cardine
659359 Polished None None Carino
650119 Polished None None Chevron
655931 Polished None None Corinth
657370 Polished None None Delray
657371 Polished None None Evanston
657613 Polished None 3 in. Hermosa
658498 Polished None None Herringbone Large
658497 Polished None None Herringbone Small
659079 Polished None 1 in. Hexagon
657669 Polished None 2 in. Hexagon
657664 Polished None 3 in. Hexagon
657372 Polished None None Niles
658798 Polished None None Oakbrook
650137 Polished None 2 x 2 in. Square
650174 Polished w/ Biltmore None Double Chevron
650132 Polished w/ Cinderella None Delray
650173 Polished w/ Cinderella None Double Chevron
650131 Polished w/ Cinderella None Niles
650175 Polished w/ Legno None Geo Mosaic
650176 Polished w/ Noir None Geo Mosaic
658891 Tumbled None 2 x 4 in. Amalfi
650124 Tumbled None None Arabesque
655162 Tumbled None None Cobble
657614 Tumbled None 3 in. Hermosa
650000 Tumbled None None Herringbone Large
658889 Tumbled None 1 in. Hexagon
657610 Tumbled None 2 in. Hexagon
658890 Tumbled None 3 in. Hexagon
655932 Tumbled None None Smooth Rectified
655163 Tumbled None 2 x 2 in. Square



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Shower Pan
10 x 10 in.
Shower Surround, Shower Tub

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