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Superior Pro-Shield Membrane In Corner - 2 pack

Item #330041

Superior Pro-Shield Membrane In Corner - 2 pack

Item #330041


The Superior Pro-Shield Shower System contains all the pieces and accessories you need to fully waterproof and prepare a shower for tiling. Build your shower with boards, membranes, curbs and a shower pan to establish the base shape. Then complete with the finishing touches like drains and valve seals. The Superior Pro-Shield Membrane In Corner is a precut piece of membrane material that fits inside a corner to seal its seams.

Product Group: Superior Pro Shield > Waterproofing (Waterproofing)

Product Finish Color Size Shape
330035 None None 3' 3" x 33' Membrane
330036 None None 3' 3" x 98.5' Membrane
330041 None None None Membrane Inside Corner 2Pk
330039 None None 4.5 in. Membrane Mix Valve Collar
330040 None None None Membrane Outside Corner 2Pk
330038 None None .75 in. Membrane Pipe Collar
330037 None None 5" x 16' 5" Membrane Seal Tape
330042 None None 7.25" x 98' 5" Membrane Seal Tape


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Pro Shield Membrane (PDF)

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Superior Pro-Shield Membrane In Corner - 2 pack

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