Superior Pro-Shield Membrane Pipe Collar - .75 in.

Item #330038

Superior Pro-Shield Membrane Pipe Collar - .75 in.

Item #330038


The Superior Pro-Shield Shower System contains all the pieces and accessories you need to fully waterproof and prepare a shower for tiling. Build your shower with boards, membranes, curbs and a shower pan to establish the base shape. Then complete with the finishing touches like drains and valve seals. The .75" Superior Pro-Shield Membrane Pipe Collar encircles the shower head to waterproof the seal.

Product Group: Superior Pro Shield > Waterproofing (Waterproofing)

Product Finish Color Size Shape
330035 None None 3' 3" x 33' Membrane
330036 None None 3' 3" x 98.5' Membrane
330041 None None None Membrane Inside Corner 2Pk
330040 None None None Membrane Outside Corner 2Pk
330038 None None .75 in. Membrane Pipe Collar
330037 None None 5" x 16' 5" Membrane Seal Tape
330042 None None 7.25" x 98' 5" Membrane Seal Tape
330039 None None 4.5 in. None


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.75 in.

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