Superior Sanded Pro-Grout Tobacco - 25 lb

Item #052261

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Superior Sanded Pro-Grout Tobacco - 25 lb

Item #052261


Sanded Pro-Grout from Superior Adhesives & Chemicals fills and joins your tile project with ease. Sanded grout is the go-to choice for flooring because its durability can stand up to years of foot traffic. It has the greatest range of color choices, reduces grout shrinkage and works best with wider grout lines.

Product Group: Sanded Grout > Grout, Sanded (Grout, Sanded)

Product Finish Color Size Shape
052061 None Almond 25 lbs None
052060 None Almond 8 lbs None
052226 None Antique White 25 lbs None
052225 None Antique White 8 lbs None
052131 None Autumn Wheat 25 lbs None
052130 None Autumn Wheat 8 lbs None
052201 None Desert Bloom 25 lbs None
052200 None Desert Bloom 8 lbs None
052081 None Desert Sand 25 lbs None
052080 None Desert Sand 8 lbs None
052041 None Dove Grey 25 lbs None
052040 None Dove Grey 8 lbs None
052241 None Honey 25 lbs None
052240 None Honey 8 lbs None
052091 None Ivory 25 lbs None
052090 None Ivory 8 lbs None
052211 None Kahlua Cream 25 lbs None
052210 None Kahlua Cream 8 lbs None
052251 None Linen 25 lbs None
052250 None Linen 8 lbs None
052031 None London Fog 25 lbs None
052030 None London Fog 8 lbs None
052071 None Milk Chocolate 25 lbs None
052070 None Milk Chocolate 8 lbs None
052221 None Mobe Pearl 25 lbs None
052220 None Mobe Pearl 8 lbs None
052121 None Mocha 25 lbs None
052120 None Mocha 8 lbs None
052001 None Natural 25 lbs None
052000 None Natural 8 lbs None
052101 None Sand Beige 25 lbs None
052100 None Sand Beige 8 lbs None
052011 None Standard White 25 lbs None
052010 None Standard White 8 lbs None
052005 None Terracotta 25 lbs None
052004 None Terracotta 8 lbs None
052261 None Tobacco 25 lbs None
052260 None Tobacco 8 lbs None
052003 None Umber 25 lbs None
052002 None Umber 8 lbs None
052231 None Whisper Grey 25 lbs None
052230 None Whisper Grey 8 lbs None


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25 lbs
Pro Grout Sanded (PDF)
Pro Grout Sanded (PDF)

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Superior Sanded Pro-Grout Tobacco - 25 lb

Thumbnail image of Pro Grout Tobaco Sanded 25lb