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Glass Wall Tile

Installing glass tile on your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room walls is an effective way to create a beautiful area that really shines. Learn about how you can use glass tile to add a sleek, stylish element to your home’s décor.

Glass Tile

Like the cool of the morning dew, these opalescent tea green squares produce an even tone throughout.

A kaleidoscope of sky blue, violet and gold squares with a silver metallic shine, arranged with complementary black, ivory and brown tiles.

A watercolor background of milk chocolate brown shows through smooth, beveled-edged glass tiles in a contemporary arrangement.

A foggy blue-grey watercolor background is visible through a highly textured handscraped look transparent glass.

Modernize your living space with the lustrous, immaculate look of the Snow Glass tile. A glossy finish supplies a reflective, high-shine look that will refresh the walls of your kitchen, shower, tub or fireplace. The smooth surface of this icy white glass subway tile makes it easy to clean.

Bring the ever-changing beauty of the ocean into your home with the Inglewood mosaic tile. This translucent glass tile features a swirled palette of sea foam green, pearly grey and brilliant blue that's finished for an iridescent look. Ideal for eye-catching wall applications, this mercurial mosaic tile is both versatile and unique.

A dark sage green watercolor background is visible through smooth, transparent glass.

Add snappy style to your bathroom with the Rain Glass Silver subway tile. The icy white and silver background on this glass tile shows through the transparent surface for a watercolor effect. With a deeply grooved, hand-scraped texture, the surface casts a wavy shadow that emulates the movement of snow drifts. A glossy surface finishes the contemporary look.

The Blue Twilight glass tile draws its inspiration from the evening sky, mixing cool gray and black with swirled ink blue filaments. Small glass pieces stacked in a classic brick pattern make up this translucent mosaic tile, which perfectly mixes sturdy structure and abstract, organic form. A polished finish adds stellar shine.

A dark sage green watercolor background is visible through a highly textured handscraped look transparent glass.

Thin, light reflexive squares tinted in both light and dark silver and displaying an iridescent palette of rainbow spectrum colors.

Installing glass tile on your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room walls is an effective way to create a beautiful area that really shines. Learn about how you can use glass tile to add a sleek, stylish element to your home’s décor.

Glass Wall Tile – A Multitude of Colors, Shapes and Sizes

Glass tile has become increasingly popular thanks to the number of customizable options that are available. The iridescent, translucent and opaque designs of this wall tile all beautifully reflect light in a variety of colors and patterns making your room feel wider and more welcoming. From subway tile to multicolored mosaic patterns, glass tile offers an easy way to modernize your walls with sleek style and a brilliant luster.


black, grey and white glass tile
multicolor glass wall tile
green glass wall tile

When it comes to glass tile, the colors are basically endless. Popular colors for subway include white, grey, black, blue and green—but the multitude of options available at The Tile Shop means that we’ll have something to match your specific palette. Choose a unique finish such as frosted, polished or our recycled glass look. Whether you want to brighten your kitchen walls with icy white subway tile or make it pop with a mosaic backsplash of natural and colored glass tiles, the choice is yours.


glass subway tiles
glass mosaic wall tile
glass wall tiles

A classic installation that’s also modern, glass subway tile is as popular and trendy as ever. Choose one of our classic sizes like 3” x 6” or the elongated 3” x 12” shape. The traditional white subway tile look is always striking and simple, but the broad range of colors, finishes and patterns available means you can add a personal touch to your walls. Glass mosaic tile is an easy way to add fun, eye-catching personality to your backsplash. We offer dozens of mosaic tile pattern styles— like chevron, Amalfi, Stria, Athens and Cardine—that can turn your walls into a work of art.


1x2 inch glass tile
12x16 inch glass tile
3x6 inch glass tile

Traditionally, subway tile has a precise 1:2 width-to-length ratio—the standard tile is 3” x 6”, but other variations include 2" x 4" or 4" x 8" sizes. For a more modern feel, you could install sizes like 2” x 8”, 3” x 12”, 4” x 12” and 4” x 16”. Popular sizes of individual mosaic glass tiles include half-inch and 1” x 1” square tiles as well as 1” x 2” and 1” x 4” rectangles, most of which are installed in a 12” x 12” sheet.


glass tile in bathroom
glass mosaic shower wall
glass tile kitchen backsplash

A bold mosaic pattern can add a burst of personality to the walls in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. It’s also a way to showcase some texture on your shower walls. Glass tile is an easy-to-clean, durable surface that reflects light and brightens a room, making it a smart installation in bathrooms and kitchens.

Ask the Tile Experts

How is glass tile made?

A glass paste or glaze is fired in a high-temperature furnace then ladled onto a tile press or rolled into a sheet. Once cooled, the tile forms are cut by hand and sorted.

Is glass tile durable?

Yes, glass tile is very durable.

How do I clean glass wall tile?

Glass tile is resistant to stains and very easy to clean. We recommend Grout & Tile Neutral Cleaner and Heavy Duty Cleaner from Superior Adhesives & Chemicals.

Can glass tile be painted?

It’s possible to paint a backsplash. Be sure to properly prime your tile and use oil-based paint.

Can you use a textured tile with a glass tile in a backsplash?

Yes, we offer several mosaic tile options that feature textured finishes with natural stone and metal mixed with glass. The stone in these tile patterns should be finished so it’s resistant to moisture and easy to clean.

Why should I use glass tile for backsplashes?

Glass tile is a natural choice for backsplashes because it’s easy to wipe away any splashes of water, grease and food. It’s also a great opportunity to add some color and pattern in a smaller scale.

Why would you use glass tile in the shower?

Glass tile is a natural choice for shower walls because it’s water-resistant and is available in a range of aesthetically-pleasing colors and patterns.

Can I use a wet saw to cut glass tile?

Yes—but be careful. Be sure to use a blade that is suitable for glass tile and wear safety goggles and gloves because the tile will give off tiny pieces of glass. If you need assistance, our associates at The Tile Shop can help you find installers that will expertly cut and install your glass tile walls.

What grout should I use for glass tile?

Use unsanded or epoxy only since sand will scratch the glass.

What other rooms are good places to install glass tile?

Glass tile is an effective way to add a pop of color and reflection to any space in your home. It’s a popular tile choice for laundry rooms, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, showers and fireplaces.