Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Make your fireplace the focal point of the room by selecting a tile pattern that grabs attention and sets the right mood. Tile is durable, easy to maintain and doesn’t have the fire safety worries you might find with other materials. A stylish tile design is a great way to highlight your fireplace surrounds, hearths and mantles.

A modern tiled fireplace surround is a smart way to establish a sleek focal point.

2018 Fireplace Tile Design Trends

Creating a striking fireplace has become an easy way to add a unique statement to your home. Natural elements, like stone, establish a classic feel, and marble tiles add an elegant touch. Go rustic with wood-look ceramic or porcelain, a popular trend that brings warmth and richness to the space — without the danger of flammability. Architectural wall tile is a perfect way to add eye-catching texture. Want a fresh perspective for your fireplace area? Patterns like herringbone or hexagons offer a sophisticated look. A design trend we love is creating an accent wall by extending your tile design up to the ceiling or across the entire wall.

Choosing a patterned tile for your fireplace can create striking contrast in your room.

This architectural tile design shows you can add stylish personality to your contemporary fireplace area.

Mosaic tiles add a subtle contrast to the white mantle in this fireplace surround.

This installation is a stunning example of extending your contemporary design to create an accent wall.

Add coziness and texture to your gas fireplace area with natural stone tiles.

Modern Styles

For a modern fireplace design, focus on straight lines and keeping it simple. Create a stylish look by sticking with a design that is monochromatic or subtle in patterning. Consider glass mosaic tile, which can add contemporary sophistication to any home. Black granite is a popular choice for creating a luxurious atmosphere, and porcelain is always a great option. Marble is a timeless way to add elegance and glamour. If you’re looking for a style that’s clean, classy and warm, modern is the way to go.

Glass mosaic tile looks right at home installed around this modern fireplace.

We love adding a touch of natural texture to contemporary fireplace areas.

Rustic Styles

Want to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in your home? Set the mood with a natural stone tile featuring a slate or pebble texture. One of our favorite ideas is installing faux-wood tile to establish a rustic feel. These extremely durable tiles are timeless, beautiful, heatproof and completely fire-resistant. We also offer reclaimed wood options that establish a uniquely comfortable setting.

Natural stone tile can set a mood that’s rustic, authentic and timeless.

Wood look is a very popular tile option for fireplaces and is available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

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Design Tip: Choosing Materials

Our wide selection of tile options allows you to truly customize your fireplace area. Choose from ceramic, glass, marble, porcelain or even stainless steel. Want to transform your fireplace into a unique art piece? Just make sure that you pick a tile that fits your style needs — whether it’s for an indoor, outdoor, wood-burning or gas fireplace.

Consider installing stylish glass tile for a clean, modern feel to your fireplace.

Add a classy, refined texture to your fireplace with a ceramic tile design that stands out.

A white marble fireplace surround is a glamorous way to make an elegant statement.

Tile fireplaces can stand up to the elements, so they’re suitable for outdoor installation.

Design Tip: Choosing Colors

When deciding on a color for your fireplace tile, you can match your existing vibe or make a statement that stands out. Add some flair with a splash of color that contrasts with your walls, or complement your trim with a tile that enriches your room’s palette. If you have questions, our experienced store associates can walk you through your project to find the right fit.

Think of your fireplace surround as a blank canvas where you can add color and personality.

The subtle texture of this grey natural stone tile creates a comfortable mood.

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