Outdoor, Patio, and Pool Tile Design Ideas

Tile is a great way to transform your outdoor living space. It has the long-lasting durability needed to hold up to weather and moisture, plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain. The right tile design can complement your landscaping elements to add beauty and elegance to your patio, pool, deck or dining area.

When selecting tile for your outdoor bar, it’s a smart idea to coordinate with your existing landscaping.

2018 Outdoor Tile Design Trends

Installing outdoor tile has become a versatile and cost-effective way to inject character into your backyard. We love using natural stone textures to add a unique look and a special tactile element to exterior surfaces and flooring. In warmer climates, it’s become common to extend your interior tile design to your outdoor area. If you live in a colder region, our porcelain tile is well-suited for seasonal freezing and thawing conditions. Whether you want to add rustic charm or a sleek, modern look, our experienced associates at The Tile Shop can help you find the perfect solution for your home.

Wood-look tile comes in a variety of finishes and is a great option for your outdoor area.

Natural stone-look tile can add a rustic element to the exterior of your home.

Tile Ideas for Pools

Given its slippery nature, your swimming pool area is perfectly suited for tile. On surfaces that come in contact with moisture and water — especially steps and stairs — non-slip outdoor tiles provide both style and safety. Spaces near your pool, such as decks, borders, waterlines and fountains, are all appropriate places for tile installation.

Installing no-slip waterline tile is a chic, modern way to make your pool area stand out.

Mix and match tile patterns and styles to customize your perfect outdoor pool deck.

Patio Tile Designs

Tile is an excellent way to create a patio space that is low maintenance, inexpensive and stain resistant. Porcelain is very well suited for exterior use due to its strength and density and is a popular alternative for stone, concrete and wood. Looking for a natural finish? The Tile Shop offers a variety of economical options that add flair to your terrace without sacrificing toughness or authenticity.

We love this contemporary square patio tile that allows the green grass to attract attention.

This herringbone pattern is a great example of getting creative with your outdoor tile layout.

Want to see more? Browse our outdoor floor tile.

Let our design experts help you to create the patio or pool of your dreams. Our free design services are available to you 7 days a week.


Outdoor Mosaics

Introducing a mosaic tile design helps add dazzling, intricate elements to outdoor areas like pools, patios and exterior walls. With a range of different colors, sizes and finishes available, it’s easier than ever to customize your space with a unique pattern that speaks to you. Enhance your space with popular tile designs made from glass, porcelain, real pebbles and architectural stone. Our in-store experts can help bring your creative ideas to life, transforming your backyard into a magnificent work of art.

Upgrade your outdoor kitchen area by installing mosaic tile in a colorful way.

Here’s an example of using different materials and patterns to add eye-catching contrast.

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Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

A smart tile design in your dining area is an ideal way to set the mood in your outdoor entertaining space. Tile is a durable material that will make your kitchen and bar area more weather resistant and easy to clean. It’s not only a practical choice but also an opportunity to add slick, eye-catching patterns to your backsplashes, countertops and accent areas. Make your space functional, and it will be even easier to kick back and relax.

Check out this instance of a unique kitchen backsplash that brings an outdoor kitchen to life.

Natural stone tile adds interesting color and texture to this bar area.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Tile Colors

Selecting tile with a natural appearance provides authenticity to an outdoor pathway, pool area and patio. We love color schemes that either match or contrast with the color of your home. Natural shades of stone are great choices, and neutral tones like brown, black and grey work well with any palette. Feeling bold? Don’t be shy about adding a splash of color. Our experienced design associates can help you find the correct color and texture to complete the look you have in mind for your space.

Make a great first impression on your guests by installing outdoor tile that sets the tone.

Brown doesn’t have to mean boring: mix it up with unique tones and patterns.

Nothing beats seeing the tile in person. Come in to browse our huge selection of tile options at a store near you.

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