Wall Tile Design Ideas

Installing wall tile is an effective way to change the look and feel of your home. A blend of durability and style, tile is available in a variety of materials, patterns, shapes and colors, making it a perfect fit for any room. Our experts at The Tile Shop can help you decide on the tile that works best for your interior and exterior walls.

The tiny black tiles in this bathroom’s wall pattern coordinate effectively with the light fixtures and faucet.

2018 Wall Tile Design Trends

You should consider installing tile as an opportunity to make an impact in your living spaces. Use interesting colors, textures, shapes and unique patterns to make a bold statement. If you’re set on white walls, maybe opt for an unusual pattern to add some much-needed personality. For a modern spin on subway tile, give them an edgier feel by choosing tiles that are longer and texturized. Mix it up by pairing them with a dark grout or take them up to the ceiling for a fresh look. We also love how penny round tiles in pastel shades can give smaller bathrooms a softer feel than the stark-white alternative. Don’t forget that tile is also great at enhancing the outdoor appearance of your home. Several materials can withstand the elements while maintaining their beautiful colors and designs, making tile a smart way to add long-lasting character and style.

We love how the white grout lines make this dark navy subway tile stand out.

Use an eye-catching pattern in your recessed shelf to add a fun focal point above your bathtub.

Get creative with your tile design to bring life to your interior walls.

Reclaimed wood architectural tile adds a rustic element when installed on exterior walls.

Feature Walls

Feature walls are a way to liven up your space and experiment with patterns and colors. An adventurous design can make a bold statement in your room, but even a subtle pattern can add interest without overwhelming the space. Choose a wall that you’d like to act as the room’s focal point, like your fireplace surround, behind your bed’s headboard or where your TV is mounted. If you opt for a daring design, just be sure that your wall still complements the rest of your room.

Don’t be afraid to use your walls to showcase a unique style that stands out.

Your backsplash is one place where it’s common to add a bold contrast with color and pattern.

This combination of subway and diamond tile patterns achieves an elegant look in this bathroom.

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Adding Texture to Walls

Textured tiles are a powerful way of injecting some life into your walls. Whether you’re looking for subtle surface texture or bold, embossed tile, introducing a tactile element is effective in adding character and personality anywhere in your home. Explore our wide selection of tile textures by stopping into your nearest store and checking them out in person.

The variety of brown tones on these walls set a warm atmosphere in this room.

A subtle pattern adds some distinctive character to this white wall.

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Design Tip: Choosing Materials

No matter your personal taste, there’s a tile material that will fit with your home’s décor. Wood-look tile is very popular due to its easy maintenance, durability and range of styles. It’s now available in a variety of authentic colors, grains, finishes and knots that will be able to match any tone that you’re aiming for. Our extensive selection of porcelain, marble, ceramic, stone and glass tile allows you to stretch your creativity to fit your individual space. Whether you want a rustic feel in your kitchen or a contemporary wall design in your entryway, our experienced associates at The Tile Shop are excellent resources for your next project.

Wood-look tile is able to mimic the authentic look and feel of the real thing.

Ceramic tile is available in a vast number of colors, shapes, sizes, finishes and textures.

Natural stone tile comes in a wide variety of materials, colors and shapes.

Glass tile is a natural fit for bathrooms because it reflects light and is easy to clean.

Tile Is Great for More Than Bathrooms and Kitchens

The sheer versatility of tile makes it a stylish, logical fit for anywhere inside (or outside) your home. Installing fashionable tile designs on your dining or living room walls can work in tandem with your flooring to complete the room’s look. Tile is also a great option for your outdoor projects, offering a lasting design solution that comes in a wide variety of styles. You’ll be able to give your home’s exterior a look that’s both beautiful and easy to maintain.

We love how this tiled fireplace surround is a focal point in this dining room.

The right tile can add function and style to your exterior spaces.

This stone tile installation uses color and pattern to create a striking wall design.

Nothing beats seeing the tile in person. Come in to browse our huge selection of tile options at a store near you.

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