Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

You already know tile is perfect for the bathroom, but did you know how many different bathroom tile ideas there are? With thousands of choices for durable, easy-to-clean tiles and endless designs and arrangements, you can always create a completely unique bathroom tile design. Need some help with ideas and getting started? Browse this page or stop into The Tile Shop—we’re always here to help.

white marble mosaic bathtub

White marble and mirrored tiles equal high-end glamour.

2018 Tile Design Trends

One of the latest design trends is using tile as a work of art. You can actually create a tile design on the wall and frame it with edging tiles to highlight a truly unique and beautiful look. The same can be done in your shower, above your tub or even on the bathroom floor. Coordinating (but not quite matching) your tile is another popular design style for 2018. It makes it easy for your personality to shine through when you have the freedom to pair different styles and colors together. Layering your tiles with frames, borders and accents is another way to create a shower or bathroom tile design that’s all your own.

bathtub tile

Stone and stone-look tiles add the illusion of high-end texture to your bathroom.

modern subway tile shower

This gorgeous walk-in shower uses both subway and encaustic-look tiles to create allover interest.

tile accent design

Frame out a stunning mosaic to highlight a special part of your design.

shower tile border

Details like a recessed shelf and layered accent create a unique shower tile design all your own.

Subway Tile Accents

Subway tile is one of the most versatile design options. It’s classic and timeless yet modern at the same time. Subway tiles come in a variety of colors, patterns and materials to add interest to your bathroom and in a simple white to let other design elements shine. You can even drastically change the look of your subway tile with contrasting grout colors. Whichever you choose, subway tile isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

subway tile in walk in shower

Subway tile is available in so much more than white! Colors like this serene blue-and-green-glass subway create a shower oasis.

brick look subway tile

Faux-textured subway tiles give an industrial vibe to your bathroom’s shower.

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Glass Mosaic Accents

Want to add an exciting accent to your bathroom tile design? Glass mosaics are one of the easiest ways to add pops of color, shine and shape to your shower, recessed shelf or backsplash. You can create a stripe, a framed accent or a full wall with a glass mosaic that has already done the work of pairing colors and materials together for you.

mosaic tile accent

We love how this design breaks up all-white tile with a colorful glass stria mosaic.

hex tile mosaic

Contrasting both the color and shape of your shower tile is a great idea.

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Large-Format Tiles

There are lots of benefits of using large-format tiles in your bathroom. They easily cover large areas, can be easier to clean due to having fewer grout lines and can make a small space look bigger. But we love them most of all for the elegance they bring to a room. Elevate the style of your shower, tub or bathroom tile with any of The Tile Shop’s hundreds of large-format tiles, including wood-look planks and 3-D tiles.

large format tile bathroom

Large-format wall tiles mean fewer grout lines, greater wall coverage and a chic, minimal design.

white large format tile on wall

These large-format bathroom tiles turn a simple design into a modern wallpaper look.

textured large format tile

Need an idea to make an all-white bathroom turn heads? Just add texture.

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Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Wall tile is easy to clean, long lasting and adds incomparable style to your bathroom. If you need ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Traditional or contemporary, old-world or mid-century modern, you can achieve almost any design style you want with your bathroom tile. And don’t forget about the different patterns and combinations possible when arranging you tiles. A fresh pattern for a classic tile can be just the twist your design needs.

modern wall tile

How’s this for a showstopping tile design? Unique color, mixed materials and reflective tiles help this wall stand out.

mosaic wall tile

We’ll never stop loving grey tile, and here is one of the (many) reasons why.

Shower and Tub Tile Inspiration

Tile is always a great choice for your shower or tub because it’s waterproof and cleans easily. We’re partial to it because it can turn an otherwise overlooked part of the home into a gorgeous showpiece. Always take shower and tub tile into account when you plan the rest of your bathroom. You certainly don’t need to match them, but all of the tiles in the bathroom should look like part of a cohesive design.

white, grey and blue tile bathtub surround

This stunning bathtub tile shows that more is more when it comes to mosaics.

black and white shower tile

A black floor tile, white wall tile and shimmery accent tile are a winning combination.

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Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

While you can match your floor and wall tile, it is also a great opportunity to create contrast in a different color, shape or material. An otherwise all-white bathroom pops with a dramatic dark tile floor and vice versa. If you don’t want to go that bold, try tiling the floor in a coordinating color but use a unique shape, like hexagons or large-format tiles, to create interest.

black and while floor tile

Need a bold floor tile idea? Encaustic and encaustic-look tiles add pattern and color to walls and floors.

hexagon bathroom tile

Sometimes the simplest design is the chicest. A black hexagon floor tile is always a stylish choice.

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Tips for Using Tile in Small Bathrooms

The tiny bathroom…we’ve all been there. But with a few tile tricks, there are ways to make it feel larger than it is. Using one tile on all the walls, floor to ceiling, can help open a space up. Switching to another tile partway up the wall can visually cut the room off, making it appear smaller. If you’re using both tile and paint on the walls, using similar colors will help smoothly transition from one space to another without hard stops. Tiling your shower all the way to the top of ceiling is a similar strategy that gives height to your bathroom.

large tile in small bathroom

Using a very similar wall and floor tile? Add interest with a framed wall mosaic that acts as a work of art.

mosaic floor tile in small bathroom

Monochromatic walls and a patterned floor look modern and timeless at the same time.

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile Colors

There are many different options for your bathroom’s color scheme which can make it hard to choose the right one for you. Often, it’s hard to explain the look you want, but you’ll know it when you see it. That’s why we recommend checking out our social media pages and The Tile Shop Customer Gallery. Here, you’ll find lots of inspiration and pictures of real spaces so you can better imagine how a certain tile or color scheme will look in a real home. Once you start browsing and find something you like, save it or print it out when you come into The Tile Shop for inspiration.

Neutral looks are very popular but if you love bright, bold or dark colors, don’t be afraid to use them. Just balance a bright color with neutrals. There’s nothing wrong with an all-neutral bathroom, but try to use more than one neutral, like combining grey and white, to keep the look interesting. And don’t be afraid to make your own rules! As long as the tile and basic elements of the room are not competing with one another, you can play with different colors and accents until it works.

blue accent wall in shower

Don’t be afraid of color! This stone-look tan tile is a neutral, and it also lets the blue tile shine.

white and grey tile

This stunning bathroom design is simpler than it looks. Combine the same or a similar stone in different shapes for each surface.

white tile accent with black subway tile

3-D tile is a major trend right now. It adds color, texture and a focal point to walls when it’s framed like this one.

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