Tile Backsplash Design Ideas

A tile backsplash serves a practical purpose by protecting walls from splatters, but they’ve become a popular way to add eye-catching style to your kitchen and bathroom. An ideal canvas to explore a fashionable design, their small scale makes backsplashes manageable for do-it-yourself projects. The endless variety of materials, patterns and colors available at The Tile Shop allows you to customize your backsplash tile to your personal taste.

white backsplash tile idea

A white backsplash can reflect light to create a clean, bright vibe in your bathroom.

2018 Backsplash Tile Design Trends

Selecting tile for your backsplash can be an enjoyable stage of redecorating because its smaller scale means you’re free to flex your creativity and have some fun. The secret to making an impact with your backsplash is to consider how the area will interact with everything else in your room. A popular trend is installing a backsplash with a punch of style that serves as a focal point to draw the eye and steal the show. Find a clever way to layer concepts that make your backsplash more intriguing—almost like a piece of art hanging on your wall. Want to break the mold? Extend your backsplash design all the way up to the ceiling. Experiment with ways to introduce color, pattern and even texture into your space. Whether you’re looking for something geometric and modern or soft and simple, the design possibilities are endless.

design for mosaic tile backsplash

Available in a variety of shapes and styles, natural stone tile can fit with any décor in your home.

contemporary tile backsplash

This backsplash shows how contrasting patterns and materials can create a beautiful focal point.

white subway tile offset design

Extend your stylish subway tile backsplash across your kitchen walls to create a elegant vibe.

framed backsplash tile idea

Framing the pattern from an adjacent wall can create both contrast and continuity.

blue and white backsplash idea

Even these pale shades of blue add some appealing color to this white bathroom.

Subway Tile Backsplashes

With an aesthetic that is both classic and modern, subway tile is one of the most popular trends on the market. First used in turn-of-the-century New York subway stations, its universal appeal stems from its simplisitic design and an easy-to-clean, durable surface that reflects light to brighten your kitchen or bathroom. Traditional subway tile has a precise 1:2 width-to-length ratio—the standard tile is 3” x 6”, but other variations include 2" x 4" or 4" x 8" sizes. For a more modern feel, check out elongated sizes like 2” x 8”, 3” x 12”, 4” x 12” and 4” x 16”. Large-format tiles have become popular in small rooms, where the bigger tiles create a perception of space. These days, you’ll find a broad range of styles, colors and patterns of subway tile. Add a special touch by installing natural stone or glass. Switch it up with a crackle effect, matte finish or arrange tiles in a vertical, staggered or herringbone pattern.

white tile backsplash

Consider adding a subtle pattern to create some depth and texture to your white bathroom.

copper backsplash design

This shiny penny round backsplash is a focal point that makes a bold statement.

grey kitchen backsplash

This herringbone pattern is a great example of adding interest to a natural grey backsplash.

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Tile Mosaics

Feeling confident? Go bold with a mosaic backsplash that bursts with personality. A collection of tiny, colorful tiles will do wonders to brighten up a dull kitchen, bathroom or laundry area. Showcase stunning textures and shades by developing your own pattern with glass, ceramic or natural stone tiles. Penny round and hexagons are classic shapes that can lend an air of elegance in both vintage-inspired and contemporary kitchens. Stop into The Tile Shop for ideas about how to spice up your cooking space with a unique mosaic flavor.

unique mosaic backsplash design

There are a multitude of patterns available in interesting shapes and sizes at The Tile Shop.

idea for blue backsplash and cabinets

This framed white chevron pattern really stands out from the busier blue wall tile.

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Different Design Styles

With the proper tile, your backsplash is an area that can effectively blend into any décor. A contemporary execution using clean, sleek lines can add understated elegance. The key to modern design is keeping things simple and subtle, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t draw attention with a tile pattern that brings a little visual energy and drama to your kitchen or bathroom. Create a welcoming vibe with a rustic farmhouse look or add texture with natural stone or real pebbles. The variety of backsplash tile choices means it can be used to not only adapt to any design style but emphasize its surroundings as well.

modern subway tile with inset

This patterned tile inset adds an element of depth and contrast even though it’s the same color tone.

rustic tile backsplash

We love how our reclaimed wood architectural wall tile adds a ton of rustic charm and character.

contemporary white kitchen backsplash

This framed arabesque pattern shows how you can establish a focal point even in a white color scheme.

Design Tip: Choosing Materials

Whatever tile design you have in mind, you’ll find a wide variety of material to choose from. Ceramic and porcelain tile are popular because they stand up well against moisture and are available in a multitude of shapes, colors and patterns. Glass tile has a sleek look and reflective surface that brightens up any room, and brushed copper and metal tile can add an engaging dose of personality. Trying for a Tuscan-style kitchen? Check out our natural stone tile options like travertine. Painted concrete tiles add an old-world feel but can be used in a contemporary kitchen to add a rich layer and an interesting contrast. The tile you install can have a drastic impact on the look and feel of your room.

glass subway tile backsplash

Available in a variety of shapes and patterns, glass tile is a perfect choice for your kitchen backplash.

unique ceramic kitchen backsplash

This chic ceramic tile was extended to cover the entire wall behind this cooktop.

pennyround copper backsplash

Install shimmering metal or copper tile—like this penny round pattern—to make your walls a stunning element of your home.

Design Tip: Choosing Colors

The color you select for your backsplash is a prime opportunity to introduce your personal touch to a room. Make a versatile choice by choosing a tile color that works with varying cabinet colors. Convey luxury with dark tones like black or charcoal grey. If your room has a neutral palette, a white or beige backsplash can be a subtle help instead of a bold scene-stealer. Experiment by adding a color you would have never considered like red or yellow. Blue is a popular choice because it establishes a homey atmosphere, making your kitchen feel cool and relaxing. If you feel hesitant to add color, you can always introduce it in one or two understated lines or scattered throughout as individual tiles. Consider adding a contrasting grout color for an unexpected twist.

dark subway tile with white cabinets

Darker subway tile with white grout adds some distinctive style to this kitchen.

mosaic accent tile idea

Your backsplash is the ideal place for a bold pattern that stands out from white kitchen walls.

blue and white backsplash tile

These appealing shades of blue draw the eye to this stylish kitchen backsplash.

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